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Trying to get pregnant
candy282 posted:
I have been on the depo for over 9 years now, I am wanting another baby. Is it possible to get pregnant while on the depo? If not how long would I have to be off before I can get pregnant?
deliela999 responded:
I was on depo about 9 years too. My doctor told me average is about a year to get pregnant after it's no longer effective. I went ahead and stopped about 6 months before we wanted to start trying in hopes it would help being off it longer. It took 2 months after my last effective date to have any bleeding and a few more months before everything seemed normal. Turned out I still wasn't ovulating, but I was having short cycles (21-25 days). That was most likely more related to my age than depo, but there's really no way to know. We did 4 rounds of clomid with no luck, tested hubby, checked my tubes, then my OBGYN passed me along to an RE (fertility specialist). I got pregnant my first round with the RE (5 weeks tomorrow) using a mix of 3 meds including injections. It hasn't been easy but it has happened! Talk to your doctor about it and if they have any suggestions to help get you down this road faster.
Cowgirl6598 responded:
I was only on depo for 21 months. Supposedly it takes 12-18 months to be able to get pregnant after any length of time on depo. My last shot was October 2010. It took 12 months before my periods regulated. We started trying in August 2011. We are still trying. So my advice is to have patience.... Good luck!

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