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Hypothyroid and TTC
Dextress posted:
I have two kids already, 3 years and 2 years, my thyroid levels have been low for years, even before having my first daughter, but not low enough to need medications. Almost a year ago, I got tested again, and I am on medication now for my hypothyroid (levothyroxine).

Now, my husband and I have been trying for #3 for 9 months now. I know it might seem like nothing to some people, but I got pregnant with my girls very easily. My 2nd we got pregnant literally the first time we had sex after having our first. So after this long, I was poking around the internet, found out that low thyroid and/or Synthroid can cause infertility problems.

After my 2nd was born, I got Mirena in. I had it taken out In September last year because we decided to try for #3. So again, here I am looking to see if mirena can cause issues, I didn't have any problems with it, just heavy periods that didn't go away, removal was smooth, no problems, it wasn't dislodged anywhere and was still right where it should be.

Also, my hubby and I haven't been stressing out about it, we're kind of thinking, when it happens, it happens, but after so long I'm thinking, what if my meds or Mirena have something to do with it? We're healthy, I'm a bit overweight from the thyroid and having kids and whatnot, but I have no health problems otherwise.

Has anyone had issues with infertility from Mirena or hypothyroid meds??

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