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Waiting for Number 3
LonsKrys posted:
Hello everyone! Haven't been back in the community since... I can't remember. I have a two DS, ages 2 and 1. Hubby is 36 and says if we are going to have one more, then now is the time. So... I wasn't ready financially but my mirena fell out for the third time (First time they put it back, second time they took it out for a week, then they installed a new one a week later). I took this as my sign it was time to start trying let the finances just get figured out. So we've been trying. I o'd on 7-9 (I think, as I have 28 cd every time, so 7-9 was my 14 days). Just in case we dtd every day for a week before and a week after, lol. I had two days of morning sickness, and smell aversions. But they went away My bbs aren't sore or painful, they just itch... like crazy. Anyways, we'll see if this one maybe works. I'm hopeful. I really want my little girl so I can hopefully say I'm done. Hubby has banned me from more than 3 unless I get pregnant with twins in which case no more than 4! lol. Good luck to everyone ttc!

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