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Period late, negative test what?
FoxxyMomma posted:
Hello everyone,

My name is Cheri and I am in a bit of a predicament. I have always had a 28-day cycle, up until now. My period is a week late, and I have taken several pregnancy test, with all of them coming back negative.

Last month, I (for some reason) decided not to take the white inactive pills of my birth control, which set my period off a little. I went to speak with my pharmacist, and he told me that it should not have set it off as much as it did--that was this past Saturday.

So, my question is--could I still be pregnant, or could it be something else? After taking so many tests, could they be a "false negative?" Should I continue to worry? And, when should I consult my doctor?

Thanks, everyone!
An_247202 responded:
Are you 100% sure your home test results are negative? The non-digital kinds can measure tiny amounts of the pregnancy hormone, and a very very faint line (almost looks like a ghost) is a valid positive result.

I recently had several of these positives (so faint I assumed they were negative) and 8 days after my period was due it arrived. Turns out I'd had a chemical pregnancy, which is a kind of miscarriage that takes place before the egg implants in the uterine wall. That could be what's going on with you. If you still don't have your period and definitely no positive on the tests, you should check with your doctor. You could have another issue going on that they can help with.
FoxxyMomma replied to An_247202's response:
Hello An,

Yes. I have taken five pregnancy test (all different brands, including First Response and ClearBlue) and they have all been negative. I sort of got my hopes up last night, because as the test was changing, I thought for a moment it would be positive, but the inevidable happened, and it was once again, negative.

Im not sure whats going on. I am now on day 11 of missed period, which again has never ever happened to me. I read online that if I was pregnant, I would know it by now....and I also read that my missed period could be because I did not ovulate this month. I did make an appt. for this coming Monday, so I will finally know whats going on. Of course...who knows what the doctor will do, other than a urine sample and a blood sample. Is there any other tests the doctor could do on me to help me ease my mind? Will my periods return back to normal if I am in fact not pregnant?

I am so sorry to hear that you had a chemical pregnancy! I have heard of these, but you are the first person I have talked to that has actually experienced it. When did you find out that you had had a chemical pregnancy? Did you bleed at all after having the chemical pregnancy, and how long ago did this happen? Thank you so much for your comments and feedback, An. I really do appreciate it.

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