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Am I pregnant? Home test neg...4 days late
triciaann70 posted:
I am 42 yrs old and have one child. My son will be 19 in August. Here I am 20 years later in a different relationship and we are trying to conceive. My midwife told me I am healthy and should have no problems conceiving. We have been trying for 4 months.

This week I was expecting my period on Wednesday and it didn't come. Friday morning it still wasn't here and being anxious I did a home test and it was neg. I waited 2 more days and today I did another test. Still neg but still no period. I plan to call my midwife in the morning but am very frustrated. My sister suggested maybe my cycle is becoming irregular. I have been spot on regular every 4th Wednesday. So it seems strange to all of a sudden be irregular by that much. I wondered if anyone else has had issues w home prego tests being wrong or did I test too soon?

Anu06 responded:
No dear.. Pregnancy Home Test is good and convenient. Firstly you have to check your menopause stage by Menopause Test Kit.
triciaann70 replied to Anu06's response:

I considered menopause but think it is very unlikely that I have Premature Menopause. Other than my period being late I have no other symptoms of menopause. Up until this month my periods have been regular and on time. I don't have hot flashes or vaginal dryness. I do not have bladder irritability. I'm not moody. I don't have dry skin, sleeplessness or decreased sex drive. I have been experiencing increase fatigue and a heightened sense of smell. My period is now 8 days late and still I have a negative result on a home test. I have read many forums with women who have tested several times at home and got negative results but when their doctor did a blood test it was positive. Other reasons for a missed or late period may be stress, not eating right or exercising too much. I am not stressed and I eat right. Today when I see my midwife I will ask her if working out everyday is considered 'too much'. There may be something going on besides pregnancy but I doubt its menopause.

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