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Unexplained and Frustrated!!
melbank posted:
HI I am 32 and my husband is 33. We have been together 15 years and are trying to have a baby. We started this... Posted by melbank HI I am 32 and my husband is 33. We have been together 15 years and are trying to have a baby. We started this journey 3 years ago. We have both had testing done. I had a hsg (dye) test and that came back fine and also all my labs done (multi times) are fine (FSH, Estrogen, D3, etc). I also had to test to show that I have a good amount of eggs left too( AMH?). His sperm count was more than good. We have taken both clomid and femara and have done 7 IUI's. Nothing has worked!! We had a pregnancy 13 years ago so we know we can get pregnant. Is there anything we can do naturally to help us? We are taking a break from all this right now to just try to relax some. I have gone back on the pill for this time but plan to come off by October. I was thinking of doing temping when we start again but I don't know what else do it. Just so angry and frustrated!!! Any thoughts or advice would be GREAT!!
liz42502 responded:
You and I seem to be going through a very similar situation, my husband and i have been together for abouth 13 years, our daughter's 11 years old and we are now trying to have another baby again. I became pregnant in March of this year and was diagnosed with a chemical pregnancy, since then I have not been able to have a normal cycle and my dr. has now put me on provera and will start my first cycle of clomid as soon as i have my period. I'm really hoping it all goes as planned. Life is funny so many years I worried about not getting pregnant and now that we are ready and want a baby more then anything, we seem to be having a hard time I know God has a plan and His plan is perfect. Let me know what happens! and I wish you the best of luck!!
melbank replied to liz42502's response:
I wish you the best too!! So hard to keep pushing thru all the ache and pain but if you want it bad enough you have too!! I really hope to be off the pill this month, but I think it will be late Aug early Sep. I just wish I could shut off that part off my brain while on break. lol Well good luck to all

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