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    hello everyone!
    malorien posted:
    I was reading this forum and decided I should share my story as well. I had mirena before. I only had it in for a month and was having such terrible mood swings I decided to ditch it. I got pregnant with my son a week later. We decided that I should get one again and just tough it out this time.
    I have had mirena for just over a year. About six months in I started getting cramps (I have never really had cramps or pregnancy symptoms before (sry ladies!)) I thought it must just be normal and mother nature is finally catching up to me. My cramping started getting worse and I began to think it was maybe the mirena. I was hoping it was hormones, although I had a pretty strong feeling it was more than that. I started doing more research and read up on symptoms and side effects. I called my doctor and spoke to her nurse. The nurse said it sounded normal and to go to the er if I am in unbelievable pain, but I am probably fine (or course). So a year into it I started getting even moodier, and the cramps became a 24/7 ache. Another month and intercourse began hurting. (silly me trying to convince myself I just needed to pee or something). I knew deep down there was something terrible wrong. Talking with my dh we decided to have another baby (our son is now one and a half). We set the appointment and went to see the doc. we dtd the night before (one last time ).
    My doctor had a hard time getting it out, and it was very painful. My doc even had to go find forceps with a (better grip). After a very hard tug (and a yell from me) it finally came out, covered in blood. My doc seemed very concerned so I asked her to be straight with me. She said it was the hardest one she has ever had to remove. and that I should have removed it a long time ago. She put in my chart that I was not allowed to ever get one again. She said my body was rejecting it and I had very bad inflamation and swelling. I spoke with her about having another child and she said the swelling will go down rather quickly but to wait a month before trying so everything heals up nicely.
    I purchased some ovulation tests (gonna try out the kettles method for a girl even though its kinda dumb). I have been testing every other day for two weeks to catch it right before the egg drops. the test always has a faint seccond line. I am so confused. The instructions say if you get a faint line to try again in two to three days. There is always a faint line! I don't think the mirena can cause that reaction.. but I just dont know. I have also been having some pregnancy symptoms. Things taste weird, smells are extra strong, my boobs are hurting, i am always nautious and tired.
    I really hope I am pregnant allready. (we have not dtd since the night before removal a week ago because of cramping and spotting still.). does anyone know if pregnancy will give you a faint line on an ovulation test?
    on a side note, i am starting to feel the "mirena crash in terms of my mood". but my complexion is clearing up and the cramps are going away. after four months of constant increasing cramps and terrible acne, i am so happy!.

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    does anyone know if you will get a faint line on an ovulation test if you are pregnant?
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