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TTC with little success
alwaysk posted:
My husband and I are trying to conceive and have been trying for about 10 months. Without much success I thought about a possible problem.

I took birth control since age 16 and am 26 now. After a few years on birth control my periods went away and I maybe spotted twice a year. Now that we are having problems conceiving I am concerned that not having a period during the last ten years could have affected my chances. Has anyone heard of this? Or if anyone has any advice on making the dreaded appointment to see a doctor after a year of trying.

Thanks so much.
Heather922 responded:
Hi there! My advice is, if you haven't already, track your cycles. Track when your period starts, how long it lasts (and any symptoms). Try using ovulation prediction kits to narrow down that window. Keep track for a few months and see if its a regular pattern of not. All that info will help the doctor decide a next step.

Also maybe do some research on what your medical insurance covers. Technically if you've tried for 12 cycles without success a doctor can diagnose you as "infertile" even if its not quite an acurate title. It doesn't necessarily mean you' are, it might be something as simple as getting a prescription.

I hope all this info helps and isn't too overwhelming. Good luck with everything!!
alwaysk replied to Heather922's response:

Thank you for your advice. It feels like I have tried all the little secrets I have read about including various types of ovulation kits, pre-seed, certain positions etc. but checking my basal temp is new to me so I am trying that this month. It's just so crazy that my body is telling me all the right things and my ovulation seems to occur right on but of course no pregnancy. I appreciate you responding and thanks again!!

Plus I seem to stress a lot lately so you never know!
Heather922 replied to alwaysk's response:
I think temping in itself is stressfull, I didn't even get through a whole month of it. Stress is a tricky thing, I can't even admit to it sometimes. I know everyone says reducing stress helps but it's not easy! Listening to the right music and remembering to breathe helps me.

Seems like you're doing everything right and it's just a waiting game. It's just a matter if time. Good luck!
annierules responded:
I think best advice i could give you is to go ask a doctor. Like what the other user suggested, maybe you should try to track before heading to ask a doctor so that he/she can fully understand your symptoms and your situation. You can also try to ask and search online too for advice. I was reading some health articles and maybe this might help you. . Good luck, and I hope you have good news soon!
alwaysk replied to annierules's response:
Thank you for responding. My husband and I have an appointment coming up so hopefully we can begin the process and get answers. It's so frustrating because you never think when your young and don't want a baby that it will be this hard. Luckily I have a supportive husband that is trying to understand his I feel.

Thanks again!

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