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Need advice
c_moser posted:
My husband and I decided we want to start a family. After consulting my obgyn last month, she said I should wait to get my period before ttc. I was on the pill for 10 years for obvious reasons but also because I never had regular cycles. My cycles are usually very long but this seems a little strange to me. I stopped taking the pill in late August and had my last period in SeptemberI am currently on day 35 of my cycle and still waiting. My husband and I have been following doctors orders and have waited....and waited....Should I take a pregnancy test or call my obgyn or should I just wait a few more days? I never kept track of my cycle when I was in high school because I wasn't having sex so it never occurred to me. Any advice would be appreciated!
faliensiu responded:
Hi, my obgyn also suggested I stop two months before ttc, so I stopped last month and I'm waiting to get my period this month and then next month we will begin. In doing my own research it takes some women a while to get back on track (whatever that may be, or it could even be a new pattern).

A few years ago I stopped my bc (we decided to save $ and use condoms) and I got my period a couple of weeks later, it went away and then I got it again the week after but this one lasted like two full weeks... it was a drag!!! (I got back on bc the following month after that experience.)

Then last year I lost my insurance last year and again I was off my bcp, prepared to get a long and unexpected period...but then I got it totally normal, as if I was still on the pill, and it went on normal (like clock-work) for several months. I got back on bcp this year after my hun and I got married, so we'll see what happens this month... of course I'm hoping it stays in it's current pattern so that I can rely on
when I think I'll be fertile :-D

So, I say wait a few more days, maybe even a month, don't stress over it, stay healthy, stay positive and see what happens. I hope this was some kind of help...
faliensiu responded:
hey c_moser, hope you're holding up alright...

Just thought I'd share this other conversation some ladies are having:

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c_moser replied to faliensiu's response:
Thank you very much! I know it's probably not healthy, but my husband and I haven't told anyone that we are trying to get pregnant. Most of my friends do not have children and our families have been asking for quite some time when we are planning on having children. I don't want to tell anyone because I know I will bombarded with questions. It's nice to be able to chat with people on here and know that other people are going through the same things. Thanks so much!
faliensiu replied to c_moser's response:
I'm on the SAME boat!!!!

We haven't told anyone either! Some bc they keep asking too, and some bc we want to surprise them better.

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