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Does anyone know..............
Turtlxpres posted:
Does anyone know if peeing after sex stops fertility? Everytime my husband and I have sex I have to pee afterward. Wondered if that was the reason we haven't gotten pregnant yet.
groovyrin responded:
It won't cause infertility, but when you get up to use the bathroom you will be pushing his semen out when you pee. My doctor said to try and lay still for 15-20 minutes before getting up to use the bathroom after sex to give the sperm some time to make it. I try to pee before sex (not always easy when youre being spontaneous) so the urge afterwards isnt so strong. Hope this info was helpful! Good luck to you and your husband :)
leftcoastgirl responded:
Nope - it will not make a difference at all. Doctors will sometimes give women the "stay lying down for X number of minutes" advice, but honestly that's only because there is POSSIBLY and UNPROVEN chance that you COULD increase your chances of conceiving a TINY, TINY bit by doing that. In short, once you DTD, everything is "in place." Peeing won't change that at all.
Me (34), DH (34), DD (2)
faliensiu responded:
From what I've found out, it doesn't affect your fertility it only affects your chances... Technically you are "peeing the sperm out", some may still have gotten in but you want to try to keep most in. So basically you wait a little while before going to pee (I've seen anywhere from 10 mins to 30 minutes) -- the more you wait, the more sperm that has a chance to swim up.

That actually happens to me too, even if I pee before intercourse I always have the urge to go again...I convince myself to relax and hold it in for a little while.
leftcoastgirl replied to faliensiu's response:
A quick note on this. If we can all think back to anatomy class for a minute ... we are talking about two completely different bodily openings here. So, it is physically impossible to "pee out" any sperm. Once it's there, it's there.
Me (34), DH (34), DD (2)
groovyrin replied to leftcoastgirl's response:
it still comes out when you pee because youre "pushing" plus you also have the laws of gravity taking effect. I know when I use the bathroom after sex alot of semen comes out...
leftcoastgirl replied to groovyrin's response:
It still doesn't make a difference, though.

See "Moving Around Afterward":,1510,5245,00.html

And see "Lying on Your Back ...":

I feel a little bit bad here. I really don't want to come across as being combative. But this poor girl is worried that peeing after DTD is what's preventing her from getting pregnant. And there's absolutely no reason she should!
Me (34), DH (34), DD (2)
Turtlxpres replied to leftcoastgirl's response:
Thank you all for your helpful advice! I really do appreciate it. I guess when you are trying to get pregnant you do just about anything to give you better chances of it happening faster when you are trying. :) I didn't think Peeing after sex mattered, but there is a lot of white stuff that comes out. But here's the other thing; even if I just lay there after, white stuff leaks out............... All I know is having a baby is messy from beginning to end :)

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