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The waiting game is driving me nuts!!
gab08 posted:
The earliest that I can test is this Friday or Saturday.... I think I'm gonna go crazy before then!!

I feel like I am experiencing some symptoms of pregnancy: sore lower back, slight cramping, tired, my breasts seem a little sensitive and my nipples look a little darker than usual. (sorry, tmi!)

Am I just wanting to be pregnant so badly that I'm making myself feel all of these things? Is anyone else going through this??

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ajs0924 responded:
I don't know what's worse!! The first two weeks when you are waiting to test or the last two weeks waiting to deliver! :)
gab08 replied to ajs0924's response:
It's just driving me crazy!! All I can think about is "what if i am?" And then thinking about how sad I'm gonna be if it turns out negative =(
faliensiu responded:
Oh my... I wish you'd added a third choice, "Argg! I don't know either!"

I feel similar... I've had slight cramping also and nipples are really sensitive the last two days, weird burst of high energy and then extremely tired/sleepy. ...But since we're JSO and next month is when we're officially TTC I kind of don't want to worry about it. I tried to avoid O days this month but since we're not using anything to really know when it is, I guess it could've happened. I do wonder too if I'm making myself feel it because I really want to get PG soon!
leftcoastgirl replied to ajs0924's response:
SO TRUE, ajs0924!!

gab08, the symptoms of early pregnancy are pretty much identical to the symptoms of PMS - so it could go either way. When we were TTC our DD it took 16 cycles, so I experienced a lot of 2WWs. When I was in the waiting phase, I just tried to tell myself, "Either I'm pregnant or I'm not. Wishing and hoping isn't going make me preggo if I'm not, so I just need to stay calm and wait." But it is SO HARD to be patient!! :)
Me (34), DH (34), DD (2)
gab08 replied to leftcoastgirl's response:
Well what makes me think that I am is because when I do have a period, I don't feel symptoms before I start... I always start feeling bad once I start bleeding.
The symptoms are seeming to get worse, and I hope they're for a good cause!! Not much longer til i can test! =)
leftcoastgirl replied to gab08's response:
I think you should test now! If you have hormone levels high enough to cause symptoms, you should have enough to get a positive test!
Me (34), DH (34), DD (2)
gab08 replied to leftcoastgirl's response:
Hello ladies! I know how yall feel, I'm still going nuts over here! Last month I had to take Provera to make myself have a period. So I had my period for a few days and it went pretty normally.... We used the ovulation tests to pinpoint my ovulation and so I could track everything. The first day of my lmp was September 28th. According to the tests I ovulated October 9th 0r 10th. I played around with the webmd ovulation calendar to see about how long my cycle is according to my ovulation days and when I fixed it to show my correct ovulation days it said I'm on a 26 day cycle. So when I look at the ovulation calendar, it says that the earliest day for an effective hpt is tomorrow (Friday) and that my first day of my next cycle should be sunday. I tested this morning and still got a negative, I still feel all the symptoms and I am almost positive that I am pregnant... I just feel pregnant. Do you think it's just still too early? Maybe I'm just one of those women that can't get a bfp until a few days after the missed period?? Baby dust and BFP's to all!!!
RaeRae7408 replied to gab08's response:
3 months in a row, negative....yes very sad. But one day it won't be

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