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lucy2783 posted:
Hello all!
My husband and I have been ttc for almost 3 year. My cycle is very irregular. My last Dr. said there was nothing medically wrong with me, just that my body didn't want to ovulate like it should. So he decided to try me on Clomid. We only did 3 cycles of the clomid because our different work schedule made it close to impossible to plan anything. Now we are on the same schedules and ready to try again. I have a consult with a new Dr. this week and am looking forward to ttc again. I wasn't very impressed with my last dr. so I'm hoping the new one will have a little more insight to what is going on.
Wish me luck and baby dust!
cnorton4 responded:
My cycles are starting to be quite strange too.. I'm currently 5 days late, should have been ovulating Oct 19-23 but this week my DR said it looked like I was ovulating now! Which would be day 27 of cycle. Whaaat? Got a BFN when tested and this is the 2nd month in a row that it happened. Is this anything similar to your experience?
ATT76 responded:
You know your story is similar to mine. My husband and I have been ttc for 13 months now. I have done 3 rounds of clomid and am hoping this is the month because if this isn't my doctor wants to do IUI. So I was wondering what made you go to a new doctor? I have thought about it also since I am 35 and would love to be pregnant before I turn 36 (b-day is Feb.). I guess I was just wondering what made you try a new doctor. is it a fertility doctor?
lucy2783 replied to cnorton4's response:
Holy moly!....are you using a fertility monitor or opk? Have you asked your Dr. about it? My cycles have always been crazy irregular. When i started using clomid i also used the fertility monitor and i never got peak fertiltiy, only got as far as high fertiltiy. So that would make me think ok i'm not going to ovulate...but then 2-3 weeks later i would get my period...i still don't understand that. But anyway, i am hoping to have better luck this time on the clomid. Best of luck to you!
lucy2783 replied to ATT76's response:
I went to a new doctor because my husband was offered a new job so we moved from WI to IL. My previous Dr. was just a general dr. not a specialist or anything. My new dr is and actual ob/gyn. Both dr.s though recommended 6 months on the clomid. I am very happy with the new dr. though, He came in and we quickly set up a game plan. The old Dr. was kinda hit and miss on what to do. So to have a Dr. that has experience in this field is a BIG relief...I actually have a good feeling this time. Best of luck to you!
An_241467 replied to lucy2783's response:
The hormone that regulates ovulation and the regulates menses are 2 different hormones. This explains why you can have a period and not ovulate and also why you can ovulate without a period. FSH and luteinizing hormone are the hormones that regulate ovulation an progesterone regulates the shedding of the uterine lining. They are released from the pituitary gland in the brain. When the egg implants after fetilization it starts the release HCG. That is what gives you the positive on the pregnancy test. luteinizing hormone is what surges before ovulation and increase up to ovulation. These are what OPK's test for. Because every woman is different, every women will utilize different amounts of hormones to regulate their cycles. This can explain why you may get an almost positive OPK but not a dark positive. There are other hormones like estrogen and testosterone which each play their rolls in fertility. When one is out a whack it can throw the whole system off. Stress, diet, environment can all affect the reproductive system. Webmd has a lot more info that maybe helpful in explaining in depth. Good luck and Baby Dust!

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