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Break for the holidays UPDATE
jhetsmom posted:
DH and I took off the December month for TTC. Not that it was getting to stressful, but Novembers period ended up throwing my whole body off. Once it ended after 9 days late and 7 days on with stabbing pains constantly, I still had pains for a week or so after. The DR offered an u/s to see if there was complications but I declined it. Chalked it up to cysts. Now this cycle I started 3 days ago and it had worse pains than last month. I literally woke up soaked in blood from my waste down on day 2. I called the DR and they want to do the u/s now and see if it isn't a miscarriage or ruptured tube. It may be wrong but I haven't let DH know how much pain I have been in cause I dont want it to stress him out. Tomorrow morning I will go to the GYNE squad and they are doing a full work up. I am going to ask for a full check up for TTC and see how well this all goes over. Hoping better luck for others.
ATT76 responded:
hey there! Good luck with your appointment. Hope it is nothing serious! Keep us posted!
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BeautifullyBlessed responded:
I hope all goes well and the doctors are able to get to the bottom of it...hoping for fast healing and good health.

God Bless
MrsBurt05 responded:
Good luck! Hope all goes well!!
Me-25 DH-27 DS-6 DS-4 TTC-10/18/11
jhetsmom responded:
Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Turns out my bipolar hormone problem isn't the only thing screwy with my body. The u/s showed 7 mature follicles on each ovary at CD3. All measuring close to 2 mm. The Dr called me back with the results and said there isn't anything physically wrong. Just that from the measurements, i ovulate early in my cycle. She advised us to either try OPK's or BBT. AF left 2 days later, and I have been cleared to conceive. She said give it 6 months. If it hasn't happened by then, she will run some hormone tests. I am still not ready to go full blown into opk's and temping though. So DH and I are going to try the every other day method. Starting on CD6 through CD17. I really didn't want this to be our month mainly cause it would make our due date close to DS bday. DH said he wouldn't mind that though cause it would be less work to do 1 birthday for 2 instead of 2 birthdays for 2. Any way Ill let the rambling stop.

How goes everyone else's efforts?

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