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gwennie30 posted:
I'm confused and hoping I will be able to get some answers to my questions. First in August 2011 I had a miscarriage, but the crazy part was I didnt even know I was pregnant until I went to the doctors and told her how my af didn't come on time but I was spotting the day of my appointment, so my doctor tested me and to my surprise I was preggo's. But days later I had a miscarriage . I started using the nuvaring in Sept 2011 and was on it for approximately 3months(until Dec 17th 2011). Now here's where it gets complicated while I was on the nuvaring for those 3months I never got my af I did take a pregnancy test before I stopped using my nuvaring on 12/17/2011 and it was negative as I already knew. The reason I stopped using the nuvaring was because I was inproperly using it, I was keeping it in for 4weeks instead of 3weeks so my question is because of that could that be the cause of me not gettin my af since Aug 2011 or the bleeding i experienced in Aug was from me miscarrying so that would mean my last period was in June? I decided to stop using the nuvaring until my af comes back on normal but I have had unprotected sex ALOT between 12/17/2011 up until now so I would like to know if its a safe guess to say because I haven't had an af in 3months that I'm probably not ovulating which means I can't possibly be/get pregnant as of now? I'm really confused and I'm starting to experience the same symptoms I had when I found out I was lower back hurts on and off my stomach keeps cramping but no af and its been this way for like a week on and off, occasionally my nipples will be sore. Any advice or feedback WILL SO GREATLY APPRECIATED. If there is any possibility I could get pregnant when should I test to see?
Zaysmama responded:
wow that is a confusing mess!
that said, there is def a possibility that you could get preg during that time. It may not be easy to track when or if you did w/o AF or an OPK. If you don't want to get a BFP, stop having unprotected sex and wait atleast a month and if AF still hasn't come, go see a dr. If you want a BFP, go see a dr and tell them the situation to make sure everything is working properly and that you are ovulating. Either way, see a dr because the misuse of any BC can cause problems and complications.
Hope i didn't scare you or anything!
Best of luck to you and keep me posted on everything!
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