Good News
Anon_15098 posted:
I decided to stop TTC in December and now I'm 7 weeks along. Today I took an at home pregnancy test and it came back positive then I made a trip to Planned Parenthood to get a test done through them and it also came back positive.

Just wanted to say be patient because it will happen when you least expect it!
MrsBurt05 responded:
Congrats!! Hope you have a very happy & healthy pregnancy!! Enjoy every minute of it!!
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Anon_15098 replied to MrsBurt05's response:
Thanks! I really love being pregnant! The morning sickness isn't fun but the rest is.
Zaysmama replied to Anon_15098's response:
congrats. hopefully I'll see you on the first tri boards b/c i also just got my BFP after 4months ttc and thinking december was def not our month...
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ecleven responded:
Congratulations, I also just got a BFP last week and feeling the morning sickness. No puking yet, now I have to join the 1st trimester board. Hopefully see you there.
Anon_15098 responded:
Hey! I posted on the 1st Trimester board under the SN PreciousLittleOne, congrats to both of you as well! I have also started Using BabyCenter, they have a board for those due August 2012