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Late Period- Due to UTI or Pregnant
TawnieLove posted:
so a week ago friday i was at work and i could feel my body not feeling right, i texted my hubby to pick me up some cranberry juice cause i felt as if i was about to start having a uti. on saturday i woke up and felt fine, normally if i drink around a gallon of cranberry juice before bed, the next day im fine. i went out my day, hung out with my bestfriends and did girl things. about 11pm that night i just started getting so tired i couldnt hold my eyes open anymore, i headed hm to my hubby n bed. on sunday morning when i woke up, i woke up to my surpise, i felt the worst pain every and was peeing every 5 mins. i woke the hubby up and he ran to the store and got me cranberry juice. on monday, i still felt it, but not to bad, i had been asking the hubby for sex lately cause him and i are in our 6 month of ttc, and he refused, told me that if i go to the doctors in the morning, that he would think about it, only based on what the doctor said.

on tuesday morning i headed to urgent care, they took a pregnacey test and it came back neg. and they told me that i had a serve uti. and gave me some medicine called "nitrofur" and the doctor told me, i would have nothing to worry about unless he called me within 24 hours. they were going to send my urine out for futhre culture.

on wednesday i heard nothing back from them, so i went and filled the medicine and started taking it, on thrusday while cleaning, i get a call from urgent care, the doctor is changing my pills, i question it and the nurse heisiated on answering me, telling me that they are changing it cause these ones will help the infection they found. my sister work at the clinic that i go to, i hurried up and called her and asked her to look into it. she told me that the pregnacey kept coming back neg, and that they were chaning me to a regular antibitoic called "cipro" something i always get for any infection i get.

well 2 days ago, i should of got my preiod. and well its not here yet, last month i was 2 days early and the month before that i was 2 days late.
ive been taking hpt but keep getting neg. but i have no sign of my period starting at all. and i have a creamy white discharge, and its bright white. any pain or cramping i feel is in either my side back or upper stomach area, im sleeping more than normal, and ill be hungry one min, and not the next, and when i eat i get a couple bites into and im full and i start feeling sick.

i have 2 kids already, my first one was a unplanned pregnacey, but the second one was plan. it took us 5 months to concive our second boy, due to stress from a trail i was being put thru from and xbf.

in 2 more days it will be a month since ive had my period, and im not sure on what to do. ive never been thru this, but then again i was on the pill with my two boys, and i just got off the IUD in july.

if anyone out there has had this, or could give me any advice id love to hear from you. i read stories and ppl said they were pregnant and the doctor told them they had a UTI, but i dont wanna get my hopes up to high, but then again, i dont wanna be taking meds thats gonna be hurting my baby to.

thank you for your time
With LOVE and BABY DUST, TawnieLove
TKO120107 responded:
I know that being sick can delay ovulation, but it sounds like you would've already ovulated by the time you got the uti. If you're worried about the medicine, call the doctor and tell them you're not comfortable taking the Cipro.

Have you tested again?
Me (39) DH (40) DS (2) TTC no. 2

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