Spotting Over 2 weeks
An_245448 posted:
So my last period was April 26-May 1... my periods are always normal and routine. I have never had spotting between periods before or any other issues. My boyfriend and I are TTC at this time and we've had sex May 2,4,6,7,10-14,16-18. The spotting started on the 6th and has still continued. it's bright red and occasionally there are clots. The only time I see the blood is after I wipe. Other than that it doesn't touch my underwear. Took a HPT on the 12 it was negative. Just wanting to know what this could be? Also, I am not On BC and haven't been for 2 years. Also I have had some very mild cramping that comes and goes. Almost like menstral cramps. Anyone have a clue of what's going on? Could I be pregnant?
BeautifullyBlessed responded:

My first thought would be implantation bleeding, but since it started on cd 11, that seems too soon.

I guess you can wait til ur next period due date and see if af shows up.

Let us know how it turns out.
Megkate3 responded:
When is AF due? It could be implementation bleeding. Do you have any idea when you o'd?
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BeautifullyBlessed replied to Megkate3's response:
Last night I had some cramping...I'm thinking implantation cramping!

I don't think pms cramping would start so soon.

Breasts are still sore...although once they start after ovulation, I don't think they stop until AF, is that right?

Wishing you all the best!