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Monday Updates-April 18
Prayforamiracle posted:
Just thought I would post this and anyone who would like to join in please do. I know other boards have Monday Updates and it helps to keep everyone informed.

My update: Waiting to ovulate-Cycle day#45. I'm still on my canceled Clomid cycle. Hoping to ovulate on my own soon.
Prayforamiracle-Me(36)PCOS Dh(43)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin.  Currently on Cycle 24.  
mabeline12 responded:
Today will be day 13 of my prometrium... and still no af... Idk if last month was a fluke or what, but I thought for sure af would have come by now. So still waiting on that. once she comes day 3 starts my injections.
CEB85 replied to mabeline12's response:
Hi Mabeline, My Dr. always told me it could take ten days for af to arrive after I stop provera, not sure how similar that is to your prometrium but For me its always day 14. I hope it comes soon for you though. On Friday I started the dexamethasone (sp) & Saturday started clomid again. This is my first time on dex. with the clomid so I'm praying its finally the right combo. I go back to RE in a week & hope to get the HCG shot at that time. After having to take 3 months off & finally able to try again its getting so hard not to get my hopes up. Good luck to everyone!
mabeline12 replied to CEB85's response:
Hi CEB.I hope your appointment next week goes well and you get the result you want by adding the anti-inflamitory. Keep us posted! :) The prometrium is a little different than provera. I prefer provera because that what I always used to take. But the last two cycles my RE prescribed the prometrium because if by some miracle I actually did conceive, it doesn't harm the fetus where provera will. So its something you are prescribed for 14 days and they told me that if I don't see af by 4 or 5 days after then I need to call. I have two more pills, one tonight and one tomorrow. Last month I only made it to pill 11 before I started af, so we'll see. I took a hpt Saturday and it was negative so I'm fairly confident I haven't conceived. But we'll see I kinda feel like af is getting ready to come any min. So fingers crossed.
Albrecht0529 replied to mabeline12's response:
Mabeline, are you still taking the prometrium? I took 10 days of it, and af came 4 days after I stopped. Hope everything goes great for you!
Me: 23 PCOS DH: 23 Ready to go! TTC for 7 months. Just starting on 50 mg of Clomid.
mabeline12 replied to Albrecht0529's response:
Yes, my RE prescribed me 14 days of it. Today is the 14ths day and last pill.

Thank you! I hope your days go by quick and Saturday comes soon, and you get your BFP!

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