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To Mebelin12
rooni222 posted:
Hey Mebelin 12,

i just read how things were going for you. i am so sorry for all your frustration...I completely understand how you must be feeling. So whats going on now?
I am doing clomid this cycle. Took my last pill of provera yesterday. This cycle my RE did want to do some monitoring. i am doing a baseline ultrasound and a mid cycle ultra sound. I am excited to have those ultra sounds because i've NEVER had one. I feel like it'll give my doc more clues. Usually i get my period around the second day after the last pill, so i think monday will be the baseline ultra sound. I dont know yet because i have to call my doc once i get my period. I am trying not to put too much stock in this cycle. There is a good chance it wont work since i've only been taking metformin for only 2 months.
let me know whats going on with you!
mabeline12 responded:
Hey rooni, Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you I started a new summer position at work, and its kicking my booty.

The ultrasounds are kinda neat, just to be able to see your insides is kinda cool to me. Hopefully it goes smoothly and isn't uncomfortable.

I'm glad they are monitoring you. It works out a lot better when they are actually able too look and see what's going on too.

I have my baseline tomorrow, so hopefully I will have more info to update with. I am hoping they tell me I can start my injections tomorrow night.

Keep me updated with you! fingers crossed this yeilds good results for you.
rooni222 replied to mabeline12's response:
Hey Mebeline! i had my sonogram today. let me just tell you i was NOT prepared! that wand they use is HUGE! i got to see my uterus and ovaries. The tech said that everything looked good, and that she saw lots of little follicles (classic PCOS). but she didnt say much else. i was hoping that this sonogram before and after will give my doctor more clues. i start clomid on wed. i really hope it works this time. i hope your sonogram goes well. keep me posted!
i'll be praying for you!
rooni222 replied to rooni222's response:
Hey! i got the results of my blood work (estrodial 50) and sonogram showed lots of antral follicles. good lining. heres the kicker though..... i have no know how polycystic ovaries are supposed to have cysts? i have none. i know sometimes that happens, but since i dont ovulate figured i would...
mabeline12 replied to rooni222's response:
No cycts! Fantastic! Very exciting. Must mean the metformin is working. Isnt it crazy how big that wand is. I had mine this morning. So hopefully I will hear this afternoon if I can start my injections tonight or not. I hope so! We are so close together this cycle I am glad we have eachother to talk to, Will make the 2ww so much easier! I'll let you know what I find out this afternoon.
prayforamiracle replied to mabeline12's response:
So exciting ladies!!! Can't wait to follow you two through this cycle and see what happens!!!
Prayforamiracle-Me(36)PCOS Dh(43)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin. Currently on Cycle 25.
mabeline12 replied to prayforamiracle's response:
Idk what is wrong with the site but twice today I went to update and it said sorry try later. but then the one showed up later without me re-submitting it.... so I am going to write this and hope the one I just updated like 10 min ago doesnt show up later. lol!

I gave myself my 1st shot of Gonal F 75 IU's at 7pm tonight! They let me start! Im very excited. I have my 2nd u/s Saturday at 9:30 to see how I am responding to the gonal f. I will keep ya'll posted!
rooni222 replied to mabeline12's response:
Hey i am so excited for you! i really really hope that Gonal F does the job! was it painful?
i am starting clomid today days 5-9. i have another sonogram on the 19th to see how i am respoinding. i hope it works...i dont know how much more i have in me. everything seems to be fine but for some reason i am still not ovulating on my own and no one knows why.
Please def keep me posted and i'll do the same.
mabeline12 replied to rooni222's response:
I have the same type situation. All my levels are fine and my RE has no idea why things arent working right. Its strange...

The shots are not painful at all its weird sticking yourself, but they dont hurt.

How are you doing with the Clomid so far?
rooni222 replied to mabeline12's response:
today was day 2. dont feel any different yet how about you?
mabeline12 replied to rooni222's response:
I'm so glag you don't have any side effects from it. How many mg are you taking?

I'm having an ok go with these injections. I'm finding that I am having a harder time injecting into my right leg than my left. Once I inject I get leg tingles for about 10 min but nothing major. I also notice they make me very sleepy, hungry and cranky. LOL a leathal combo if you ask me I'm sure my DH is glad he is working afternoons and doesn't get to see me through all of this. I have my u/s tomorrow, and I'm really intrested to see if they are having any effect on my ovaries. I really hope so. Fingers crossed.
rooni222 replied to mabeline12's response:
Good luck tomm! i am sure it'll work! i have a feeling

yeah no side effects yet. i am taking 100mg. i generally dont feel many side effects of any medications i take. i am on metformin and took it without any side effects. But then again i dont know if side effects with clomid is an indication that its working? 3rd day today. 2 more go. then on the 19th i have a sonogram to see how i am responding.

also, you're brave! i dont think i could do that to myself, i'd have to ask my husband to do it. are they intramuscular injections or subcutaneos?

let me know how it goes. i'll be crossing all my fingers and toes for you!
mabeline12 replied to rooni222's response:
The shots are subcutaineous. They are A LOT easier than you would think. You cant even feel the needle go in. You can do them in your tummy or thigh. I do mine in my thigh. I wouldnt be able to do my stomach because I cant see past my boobs...LOL

So... the appointment went ok. Nothing great, but amazingly my RE was the one doing the ultrasound. I was so excited when I saw his face because that meant he was going to be getting a look first hand instead of just having to look at and review the chart. So he took a look and said that there were a lot of little folicles in there on my left ovary. He didnt say about the right. But he said be patient he wants to grown them slowly so that not more than 6 follicles are mature size. From the look of the ultra sound there wasnt even 6 in there. But he said there is a good chance that they could just pop up at any point. Thats why they are monitoring me so much. SO he seemed to like what he was seeing so that made me hopeful. I have another ultrasound on Tuesday the 17th.

So I think that side effects from Clomid are a sign that it doesnt work... So maybe its a good thing you dont have any. Im very excited for the 19th to hear what they find out.
rooni222 replied to mabeline12's response:
you are so sweet to say that! i hope you're right. i took the last dose today. i have these OPKs with the smiley face and i really want to use on on the 3rd day after the last clomid pill, but i am so afraid that it'll be negative and i'll be devastated. honestly, i feel like i am having slight cramps, but so slight though that i cant tell if its my imagination and wishful thinking or its actually cramping. i guess we'll find out more on thursday.

i am sure that you're RE has you on the right track. PCOS women have a lot of antral follicles so its essential to do injections at low doses otherwise you get too many eggs and an octomom situation

thank you for talking to me. its been a real help. i am on facebook under Aroona Madden if you'd like to add me.
mabeline12 replied to rooni222's response:
I'm so glad to have someone to talk to, too! I don't have facebook, but I have google talk or just gmail if you'd like its

I definitley do not want an octomom situation. Lol.

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