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Help! Help! Help!
KittyKatJenn posted:
I don't know what to do!

So, as we all know, I got off the Met last week cause it was making me sick. The night before I got off of it I woke up with awful pain in my lower tummy. I was up all night. So, 2 days later I spotted brown. Nothing since then. I called my doc's nurse and left her a msg with the spotting info. So, she called me today all excited and wanted to schedule a mid-cycle ultrasound. So, I told her I was thinking it was a ruptured cyst and that is what the spotting was from because I never got a regular period. So, she said if that is what I though then a US wouldn't show anything.

I told her then we wouldn't do it, but now I am second guessing myself. Should I go ahead and do the US even though I think my spotting was due to a cyst?
mabeline12 responded:
I think you probably made the right call... do you have insurance that covers your ultrasounds? If you do I guess it wouldn't hurt. But if you have to pay out of pocket to me it also sounds like a ruptured cyct.
Prayforamiracle responded:
I hope everything is okay. Could it be your stomach is just getting used to the absence of Metformin and at the same time you just happen to be spotting? I hope it isn't a cyst. Keep us posted.
Prayforamiracle-Me(36)PCOS Dh(43)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin. Currently on Cycle 25.
KittyKatJenn replied to Prayforamiracle's response:
Thanks for your replies. I called my doc's nurse back and talked to her some more. She said she has had a ruptured cyst before and she thinks I made the right call. So, she said she would talk to me next month some time!

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