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Another Consultation
CEB85 posted:
I had another consultation today with our RE. After the failed 150 mg Clomid this past cycle they wanted to meet and come up with a new plan. We will now be starting injectables. He said we could try the Femara but he doesn't feel that would be best, plus since we want more than one child he'd like to get things moving due to my PCOS and my husband has minor mobility issues he said he feels its best for us to have our family sooner rather than waiting and more issues developing down the road. I'm really looking forward to starting these injectables since he said there is no chance of NOT ovulating while on the injectables. I started provera on Monday so now we wait...
mabeline12 responded:
Yey! So glad you are starting your injectables after provera! Please keep me posted on how everything is going!
CEB85 replied to mabeline12's response:
Thanks Mabeline12, The nurse called me today and I have to go in next Wednesday to be shown how to properly inject myself. Who would have thought I'd be excited to be giving myself daily shots ha! Thanks again Mabeline for all the the info and support! I hope after your two week wait you have good news!
Prayforamiracle responded:
I'm so happy they are now willing to try something different. I didn't know that there wasn't a chance of not ovulating with injs. That is great news. I hope this is all it takes for you to get a BFP! Good luck! Keep us posted!
Prayforamiracle-Me(36)PCOS Dh(43)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin. Currently on Cycle 25.
CEB85 replied to Prayforamiracle's response:
Thanks, I was very happy when the Dr. said I WILL ovulate on the injectables. I even repeated it to make sure I heard it right and he said yes. He said I do have to watch overstimulation and cysts. He said don't be surprised if I have to take a month off because of cysts. I'm willing to do whatever if it means I will finally ovulate.

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