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sooo freakin depressed
Anon_231372 posted:
idk what to do any more. i think im losing all hope and faith. i dont know if i will ever conceive.....
CEB85 responded:
Hi Anon, I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. I know exactly how you're feeling. After my last failed cycle I just wanted to crawl in bed & cry forever. Its so hard to stay positive & patient during everything we go through. I think this is all just making us stronger & determined to be great mommys. It will be even more special for us when we finally hold our precious babbies. I know its so much easier said than done but please try not to get too down. It will happen for you at some point. And just remember everything you are feeling is normal & you're allowed to feel however you want. Hugs!
Albrecht0529 responded:
Not sure if your religious (sorry if you're not and this offends you)....but this quote really helped me feel better.

God may not have blessed you with biological children yet. And He may never choose to do so. But regardless of whether you ever have a successful pregnancy, you have many other wonderful opportunities to receive His blessing, most of which can have eternal impact. In the meantime, you can either bemoan the fact that you're missing out on the blessing of children (either temporarily or permanently), or you can actively seek out ways to grow in purity and godliness, serve others and develop wisdom.
Me: 23 PCOS - Bicornuate uterus - Long luteal phase DH: 23 Ready to go! TTC for almost a year. Starting our 4th round of Clomid.
KMcEntire responded:
Hi Anon,

I felt really down and out with my last cycle of Femara/Provera and started to really doubt whether I was going to ever conceive. I just broke down in tears and was feeling horrible about the whole situation. Then I came across this song when I was trying to cheer myself up. It's a Christian song by Matthew West and my husband's and mine's wedding song was on this album but I just let the album continue to play. I had heard the song before, but never really listened to the words until that night. I have posted a link to the music if you want to listen.
The chorus really struck home to me:
Maybe the reason for the pain
Is so we would pray for strength
And maybe the reason for the strength
Is so that we would not lose hope
And maybe the reason for all hope
Is so that we could face the world
And the reason for the world
Is to make us long for home

This song helped me to gain my hope and faith back and to not give up quite yet because there is a reason that this is all happening and to make a positive out of it, I challenged myself to grow as a person during this difficult time. I hope that this song provides some inspiration like it did for me, or I hope that you find some inspiration through something (or someone) else to support you in this journey.
Me (23)(PCOS) and DH (23) TTC our first for about a year now. Currently on 1500mg Metformin daily, Provera for ten days and Femara 2.5 for CD 3-7.

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