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CEB85 posted:
Well had my baseline yesterday and of course I have another cyst. Have to sit out another month taking birth control pills. From the way it sounds with my response to injection I'll have to sit out the month following each round of treatment. Hopefully this doesn't take too many more times.
When I go in for my next baseline I want to ask about increasing my dosage slightly and maybe I can get more follicles. I usually end up with 3 which is good but I want more "targets" but I also know they have to make sure I'm not producing too much estrogen on the injections. So we'll just see what happens I guess.
Prayforamiracle responded:
I'm so sorry for the cyst and having to sit out another cycle. It just doesn't seem, we can catch a break. I hope that the time files and you can be on to another cycle. It seems we take one step forward and two steps every time. I didn't get the best news today either. I was supposed to go tomorrow for my cycle day # 12 follicular ultrasound, but went today instead due to some strong ovulation pains last night. They said I haven't ovulated, and doesn't look like anything is happening yet. My lining is thin too. They want me to come back Monday, to see if things have improved. I'm starting to think I will not be responding to Clomid this time either. I'm so sick of all this, as I know you are too.
Prayforamiracle-Me(36)PCOS Dh(43)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin. Currently on Cycle 30.
CEB85 replied to Prayforamiracle's response:
Hi Prayforamiracle,

I'm so, so sorry you didn't get any better news today. Try not to get too discouraged, clomid can take longer to make you ovulate. Hopefully your next appointment will be much better for you. If clomid doesn't work will you consider injectables? My RE told me that my body would have no choice but to ovulate on injectables. He guaranteed me I would.
Good luck and please keep me posted.
Prayforamiracle replied to CEB85's response:
I'm not sure if would consider them or not. I don't know a lot about them, just that they are expensive. I may need you to give me a crash course. Hoping that I will not need them, but I'm starting to wonder if Clomid will ever work for me.

Also, do you happen to know how much lining and follicles are supposed to grow each day?
Prayforamiracle-Me(36)PCOS Dh(43)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin. Currently on Cycle 30.
CEB85 replied to Prayforamiracle's response:
I hope you don't need to move onto injectables either but if you do, I promise they're easy and they don't hurt at all. If you do move onto them ask about compassionate care programs. They're offered by the pharmaceutical company, and may be called different things by each. Mine was called compassionate care. All you do is fill out an application and you can get the meds at a discount cost or even a set amount for free. We were fortunate enough to get what they called 1 month worth of medication. Well I've gotten 3 rounds out of it instead of only one. My next round will be the first time I'll actually have to pay for the medication so I don't know how much that will actually cost. But my nurse told me most places offer some sort of assistance so if you do move on I hope you're able to get some for free or at least discounted.

I'm not sure about the lining but I've heard follicles grow between 1mm to 2mm per day.

I know when I was on the 150 dose of clomid I did respond but it was very late. My RE kept having me come back about every other day and then one day I saw a different Dr and he cancelled the cycle and put me on provera. I did end up ovulating one egg but just late. Was kind of annoyed by the missed opportunity for and IUI but was glad we moved onto injectables. I get more follicles that way. My RE told me that when on injectables he guaranteed I would ovulate.

Good luck, let me know how things go.
rooni134 replied to CEB85's response:
Hi Ladies,

Prayformiracle, CEB is right. the injectables are SO easy to use and MUCH more effective than clomid. i took clomid 5 times and each time it didnt do squat, even with metformin.

you might be surprised to find out that your insurance might actually cover cost of drugs. drug coverage is different than infertility coverage. the first thing i did was call my insurance to see if they covered those drugs, and they did cover them (nothing else though, just the drugs). Based on that, you might have to get preapproved.

the follicles should grow 1-2mm and by the time you are ready to inject HCG (final step of injectables) the lining should be atleast 7-12mm. You might read that the follicles have to read over 20mm but i was told trigger with HCG when my biggest one was 18mm.

honestly, if the clomid is not working, i wouldnt waste your time on it. injectables are a much better option. if you have any questions, please let me know.
Prayforamiracle replied to rooni134's response:
Thanks ladies for all the great info! I'm nervous for Monday, because I want the Clomid to work. Moving to injectables scares the heck out of me and I don't know if I will be brave enough to use them.
Prayforamiracle-Me(36)PCOS Dh(43)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin. Currently on Cycle 30.
rooni134 replied to Prayforamiracle's response:
was scared too because i thought they wouldbe painful, but trust me, the subcutaneous needle is so tiny, that you dont feel anything. i am not a big fan of needles and i thought i'd have to have my husband give me the shots, but it was so surprisingly painless that i gave them all myself. i really really hope clomid works for you, but if not, those shots are super easy and completely painless. i bet you've had mosqitoe bites that have hurt more.

also something that helped me when i was going to take them was watching videos. if you go to youtube and type in the brand of the drug, you'll get lots of vidoes that show you how it works.
CEB85 replied to Prayforamiracle's response:
I was a little nervous about the injectables too but I promise its really no big deal. I hope you don't even have to move on to that and that clomid works for you. Just know that if you do have to move on its super easy and any support or questions you have I'm here for you.
Good luck on Monday and please let me know how it goes.

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