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PCOS and the weight battle
amy7878 posted:
Hi ladies,

Man o man! I didn't think that losing this weight would be this hard. ( I am 5'4" and 265....I'm a lard a#$ I freely admit it lol) I've been trying hard for the last 3 years to lose weight but it just doesnt seem to happen. I have tried everything that I can think of but nothing seems to work. I almost to the point of just eating like a tiny meal once a day. I've followed too many diet routines and mel plans to list. Is anyone else having troubles? I would like to have a weight loss buddy if anyone is interested (I'm very competitive lol). Thanks for letting me vent guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It means alot to me that you all "listen" to me!!!

CEB85 responded:
Hi Amy7878,

Are you taking Metformin? I know some RE's give it to patients who are trying to lose weight to help ttc. I was given it after my m/c to try to prevent future m/c and I was losing weight while on it and I wasn't even trying. I think part of the losing weight while on metformin is because at first it is sort of rough on your body, at least for me. I just didn't feel the best starting out. I wasn't sick, just not really hungry and feeling kind of blah. Once those side effects went away I still just never really had a big appetite and I know it was helping my metabolism, because I was eating whatever I wanted and still losing weight. And I'm a little embarrassed to admit there was about a week where I ate mostly chips and dip (my weakness ha) and still lost weight.With the issues we're going through, when I'm doing a round of treatment I'm not allowed to exercise very much but I still try to walk as much as I can. Just to get some form of exercise. We've been at this about 2 years now and I've become quite weak compared to how I used to be because of my restrictions.

Good luck.
amy7878 replied to CEB85's response:
Hi Ceb,

Yes I am currently on metformin but im not sure of the mg of it. See my body is weird ( or my mentality is lol ). Even when I feel sick or don't feel like eating (stomach is flip floppin) I still have to eat. I don't know what else to do....

thanks for responding hun!


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