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Second IVF transfer
CEB85 posted:
We had our second IVF transfer yesterday. We transferred 3 embryos. One was ok condition but not the best. The other 2 were not as good. I'm kind of discouraged right now. I couldn't get the lab tech to tell me the exact grade of them. All he would say is on a scale of 1 to 5 they all three were somewhere in between... Well no duh! They kind of have to be. So I don't know if they're on the higher end of quality or the lower end of quality.
He did say that the grading system doesn't always mean much. Better quality embryos may not implant and he's seen worse ones go on to become a pregnancy so it just seems like there is no way of knowing. I know my embryos last time were better but they were also at day 5 and these were at day 3 so hopefully something good will come of this.
I keep searching the internet for some hope.
prayforamiracle responded:
I absolutely can not believe you have already had your transfer. I feel bad that I missed it. I wanted to send you lots of good luck vibes and prayers. You have definitely been low key about this round and understandably so. You went through so much with the first IVF. I'm saying a lot of prayers for you and keeping very positive thoughts about the embryos. Thinking of you and sending hugs.
Prayforamiracle-Me(37)PCOS Dh(44)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin. 1st IUI 1/12=BFN, 2nd IUI 2/12=BFN
FrenchBulldogMom responded:
  • **Lurking from PAIF and Pregnancy 3rd Trimester***

    Even though I was hesitant to do a transfer on day 3 of my three embryos, but 2 of them stuck. I'd always thought that day 5 was better, but my RE explained that he wanted them to have the best chance of developing naturally in my body, rather than them potentially stop developing in the lab.

    How long until your Beta? I was so nervous the day my doctor's office called me, I seriously needed to be medicated. I was even too scared to do a HPT.

    Keep us posted and I'll be praying and sending baby dust your way!!!
    Me 35, DH 36, TTC since 2009, IVF Oct 2011, BFP Twins!!! Due Date 7-18-2012!!!!
    CEB85 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
    Thank you both for your prayers, I very much appreciate them.
    My beta is Friday and I'm so nervous. Trying to stay positive. I've had a few twinges here and there the past few days but its hard to know what's actually causing it. I was on the progesterone for a few days before the transfer and never felt anything until the day of the transfer so I'm hoping its from implantation. But again, I know its impossible to tell. Plus, I think they had trouble during the transfer, I had some bleeding after with this round that I didn't have before. Even the anesthesiologist said something to me about how weird my uterus is as she was wheeling me to the car.

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