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CEB85 posted:
I don't think any of the ladies who are currently on the board are taking the Lovenox but I wanted to mention it in case someone joins or is trying to google it like I had been. I was so nervous about this shot and the things I found on the web were only fueling the fire. So, hopefully I can ease the mind of someone looking.

First off, It's not as bad as I have read online like so many had said. Yes, it stings a little but its not as terrible as I have read. It seems like some people like to try and scare others who are trying to find some reassurance.

Some tips that my nurse gave me:
1. ICE, ice the area first. Put the ice directly on the skin for a couple minutes first.
2. Try to stay in the most fatty area of the belly, love handles.
3. When you insert the needle do it on a slight angle, just to make sure you stay in the fat.
4. Don't push the needle all the way in, make sure you can still see just a little bit of the actual needle.
5. I mix it up with how fast I inject. I don't go super fast or super slow. I just sort of see how its going. If it starts to sting I might slow up or go faster depending on how its feeling. Every time seems to be different.
6. After you pull the needle out DO NOT rub it. Take the palm of your hand and just hold it over the injection site. The heat from you hand will help and also help with the bruising.

Yes, this stuff does leave a bruise. Some worse than others, its just the nature of the beast. It doesn't make it hurt any worse.
Also, there is an air bubble in the syringe, don't try to get it out, its suppose to be there.

I really hope this can help someone who may be trying to find some info on Lovenox. I was so scared about the shot after the stuff I read online and it wasn't near as bad as I expected.

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