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PCOS & Clomid..PLEASE READ!!!!
smileygurl2313 posted:
I just started yesterday on Clomid after 3 yrs of TTC naturally. Started on 50mg for first 3 months and after that on 100mg. I have also been taking Metformin for about 4 months now and had an ultrasound done last week that showed 3 small cysts on the right ovary i believe. But doctor said they are fine and will go away. If first round of clomid dosent work then I will take Provera(IDK) sum pregesterone placebo or sumthing to get my period then do another round of clomid. Thanx to Metformin and eating healthy i have lost about 20 lbs so far. Any tips or suggestions for someone that is starting clomid or any one that has had a success story on Clomid? even if i was on the 1st round or last. I guess what i want is to have hope by reading the success stories. I Hope that I can soon have my little bundle of joy. :D
Prayforamiracle responded:
Thanks for posting. I should be starting Clomid some time next week for the first time. I'm so nervous. I'm starting out at 100mg. I have taken Metformin since May of last year. Is your Clomid in one pill or do you take 2 50mg daily? I hope you stay here and fill me in on how the Clomid works for you. I hope it does the trick and you will be blessed with a BFP soon.
Prayforamiracle-Me(35)PCOS Dh(42)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin. Currently on Cycle 22.
smileygurl2313 replied to Prayforamiracle's response:
Thank you for replying. And also let me know how it goes with Clomid. And im a little more calm now since its my 3rd day taking it today and we will see how it goes. I am currently takin only 50mg a day and of course its one little pill and 500mg of MEtformin. Yesterday i noticed that my stomach was hurting a bit kind of like when u get heartburn but in my lower stomach but passed after a few minutes. I wish you luck on getting a BFP 2 :D. Let me know how you are doing :D

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