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    comments from people
    feelinghigh posted:
    Oh geeeesh! I met up with an elderly lady friend (that has type 2) yesterday.( I usually try to avoid her :) She asked me if I was still on the pump! Like I could get off of it!!!!! She is one of those people that thinks she knows it all. Oh, man.....I'm thinking, not again.

    Then another one asked how I'm doing with my diabetes and when I say I'm doing good, she thinks I'm lying to her.

    It's comments like that, that can ruien my day!!!
    MrsCora01 responded:
    I know exactly what you mean. Unfortunately, even though it has become our job to educate people, some folks just insist on remaining ignorant. I have had a couple of transplants (kidney and pancreas) and some of my closest friends still ask me if I am off my anti-rejection meds yet. Sheesh. give me a break. If the medication is to stop rejection (or lower blood sugar) then why would I go off it unless I wanted to reject (or have high blood sugar). Some folks just don't get it!

    dgarner11 responded:
    I cant stand people. the one that bug me the most is when someone has some sort of sweet treat and looks at me with pity and says "sorry, you cant have this"

    YES I CAN!!!! hate the food policwe
    feelinghigh replied to MrsCora01's response:
    I thought about you today, Cora. I met up with another friend today that had a lung transplant. He said that his body is rejecting it but, he didn't seem to want to talk about it so, I didn't ask any more questions. I suppose he feels like I do with trying to explain things.

    I pray you continue to do well!
    feelinghigh replied to dgarner11's response:
    I KNOW!!!...that's my sister-in-law's famous words! "you can't eat this" ....her time is coming and I'm gonna let her have it! :)
    arealgijoe replied to feelinghigh's response:
    I hear things like that often..........
    Decades ago my famdoc had a talk with me in his office, a more relaxed setting than exam room and told me "sugar was POISON" to me.

    This past week I went by my current pcp's office to pick something up, the receptionst was eating a cookie, I commented it looked good and she made a remark I couldn''t have cookies and I noted I had the "antidote" pointing to the insulin pen in my shirt

    Funny thing is my diabetes is now better controled than ever, literally, even with a treat once in a while.

    My family does not pay much attention, anymore 'cause they know I can handle whatever I choose to eat.

    dgarner11 replied to arealgijoe's response:
    my family is the worst! mainly because when I was diagnosed 21 years ago they said stay away from sugar.

    and my dad grew up with a sister with type 1, before the days of blood tests and meters and insulin pens/pumps. so he still has the mentality that I shouldn't eat that, but I forgive him because he is my dad and I know he's just worried :)
    arealgijoe replied to dgarner11's response:
    Hi Dgarner..........

    You dad, like many of us WERE not only taught but ahd it DRILLED into our skulls that sugars were a BIG NO NO or as one doc told me, POISON! Once one set of rules etc a learned, its not easy to unlearn the old. The same courtsey you give your dad , IMO, should be afforded anyone who grew up learning the OLD ways. Hwck even some, maybe many older docs are still stuck in the dark ages of diabetes as well, is it fair for us to expect lay-people to be that much more enlightened?

    Me, I appreciate the changes, the better information/knowledge, diet info, newer insulins and yes I love my insulin pen.

    GOMER (*?*(
    smip replied to arealgijoe's response:
    Just the other day at the doctor... the nurse that took my vitals was a type 1 diabetic that wore an insulin pump. I was VERY surprized that she still went by the rules of old.. no sugar and so on.

    I had a small pamphlet in my purse about how diabetics should eat. She was really surprized...

    I was surprized that she didn't know the rules of late. After all.. she is in the medical field.

    I don't know if I like the look of the new boards. They seem too "busy" looking. Not very user friendly.

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