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CF313 posted:
Hey guys! I have had Type I for 4 years but am wondering at what point feeling bad from high blood sugar becomes DKA.
feelinghigh responded:
One of my Endo's told me it takes only 4 hrs to go into DKA.

I believe each persons tolerance of feeling bad from high sugars depends on what their sugars normally run. Some people run high the majority of time so, their body gets used to the high levels.

If you are one that keeps your bg's in the more normal range you will definately feel bad from the high bg's early on.

I might add that feeling bad or not you will be in DKA so, don't play around with it.

If you are feeling bad and can't keep your bg's down. Give your Doc a call. He/she will guide you through this. If it's extreme to the point of throwing up I would advise you to go to the ER. Don't play around with this as it can be fatal.
CF313 replied to feelinghigh's response:
Thanks! My sugar was over 600 and I was having stomach pains but was not throwing up. I was able to get it back down around 100 with in a couple of hours and am feeling fine now but was just curious.
dgarner11 replied to CF313's response:
If you are running high ketones you should probably get checked out to be safe.

When I had DKA (many years ago, I'm going from memory here) I remember vomiting and breathing really fast and feeling like I couldn't catch my breath. I was dizzy and couldn't see properly.

Its a wonder I had the mind to call my mom to tell her to come home and bring me to the hospital. I was almost in a coma
feelinghigh replied to dgarner11's response:
dgarner, that brings up another point. You said, "It's a wonder I had the mind to call my mom".....I can remember when I went into DKA 2 yrs ago, I was very confused and not thinking straight. They told my husband if we would have waited another 2 more hrs I may have died. That's scarey!

I learned my lesson and I will go in earlier next time. Hopefully, there won't be a next time.
MrsCora01 responded:
DKA isn't an issue of "feeling bad". It is a chemical and electrolyte imbalance caused by extended periods of time at high levels of glucose. You may or may not be vomiting but it can be very dangerous. If your glucose is high, you have ketones, and it doesn't come down, then you need to seek medical attention. Especially an electrolyte imbalance can cause things like your heart to stop.


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