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My Primary Care Physican
feelinghigh posted:
I was amazed to hear my PCP make this remark to me.

We were talking about my CGM and she asked, "when you eat something can you watch your monitors screen show your bg's going up"? I said yes I could. Then, she says, "boy, sugar is really toxic to you isn't it".

I didn't know what to say to her at that point. My mouth just dropped in disbelief.

So, on my next appt with her, I plan to question her remark. Any suggestions on what to say or ask her?
MrsCora01 responded:
I can't believe what some docs say! Part of the problem is that many of them assume that since you don't have an MD, you can't understand them, so they "baby talk" you. I would be open, polite, and honest and say simply that you had been thinking about what she said and that you wanted to know exactly what she meant by that. Point out to her that even a non-diabetics blood sugar rises after eating and it's not considered "toxic" to them.

I wouldn't even bother to get her started on the "you mean, you can eat sugar" conversation though. It's probably too strongly held a belief.

Boy, I do feel for you though. So many docs just say and do stupid things not based on any sort of empirical evidence. I'm lucky. I've worked hard and over the years have acquired a fantastic collection of really great docs. It took me a long time though.

feelinghigh replied to MrsCora01's response:
I really like my PCP but, I sometimes wonder about her. She's told me before that she doesn't know that much about diabetes. Well, if you have pts with diabetes wouldn't you try to learn more about it so you can help treat them? I'm her ONLY type 1 pt. She has plently of type II's.

That's a very good point to stress to her. "Non-diabetics blood sugar rises after eating and it's not considered "toxic" to them".

Thank you for the advice, Cora! I knew I could depend on you! LOL

Glad to hear you have great docs, too!
MrsCora01 replied to feelinghigh's response:
1-800-CORAS-HELP (just kidding LOL)

Glad to be of service. I'm a master of thinking of the right thing to say after the fact.

feelinghigh replied to MrsCora01's response:
Thanks for the number.....I added it to my cell phone!!! LOL

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