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Today (28th) is my 2nd anniversary
mrscora01 posted:
No, not my diabetes anniversary, but my non-diabetes anniversary. Two years ago I had my pancreas transplant. I wasn't insulin free right away (that wasn't until April 27th) but I received the organ on this date in 2008. It has been an amazing 2 years. For the first 6 weeks I was on really minimal insulin with basically only the occasional correction bolus.

This is not something I would recommend for everyone. I already had a kidney transplant and so was immmunosuppressed already. And when this graft fails, I don't think I'd do it again. But in the meantime I am enjoying every minute of it. I now test for fun! And it's always normal! No surprises.

dgarner11 responded:
that's awesome Cora!!
Lizzy19641951 responded:
Cora, I hope it stays working for a long time!!
feelinghigh replied to Lizzy19641951's response:
I'm gonna pray that it continues to work for you with no problems!!! I'm so happy for you!!
arealgijoe responded:
Big CONGRATS Cora.........

Just hope ya don't forget how to be a

We may need your Xpert advice someday. I may need it if they decide to start me on Prednisone for the Multiple Sclerosis. I must admit ho I feel well prepared with your how to education I got from you a couple years ago.

GOMER sex, C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S !
Sugar_Free responded:
You got a pancreas transplant and you don't have diabetes anymore?? That's wonderful!! I hope you never have to go back on insulin again. Can any Diabetic choose to get a pancreas transplant if they didn't want to have Diabetes anymore??
mrscora01 replied to Sugar_Free's response:
Hi Sugar_Free. No, not everyone can get a pancreas. Because of the very real dangers of the immunosuppressive drugs, they only let you be eligible for a pancreas if you already have significant complications. So if you need a kidney transplant too (I already had one and already took the drugs) or if you have hypoglycemic unawareness so badly that you are in danger or are a danger to others, then they will consider you. It is also a very complex surgery (much harder than a kidney) and there are other issues as well with regards to hooking it up. But if you do ever need something like a kidney transplant, I would recommend the pancreas too.


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