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    Question about Statin drugs
    HOPE_1207 posted:
    Endocrinologists suggest that type 1's take a statin drug for protection even if your cholesterol is in normal range.

    With all the concerns of statins causing type 2 diabetes, why do they suggest this? Or, does it really matter if you already have diabetes?

    I have been wandering this for a long time and always forget to ask at my appointments.

    mrscora01 responded:
    I have been on statins for years and never had a problem with my blood sugars. From what I have heard from other T1s, the statin doesn't really make a difference. The question I have asked a lot (and not gotten any answer to) is I wonder if the folks with other problems, put on statins and then develop higher blood sugar - I wonder if they weren't predisposed to diabetes anyway and just got a little nudge. I will tell you my experience with my pancreas transplant. My donor didn't require any insulin even though many head injury patients do. And then they pumped him full of steroids which should have shot his glucose up, but it didn't. My pancreas works really well, knock on wood, and I suspect that my donor had a fabulous pancreas that never would have had a problem with a statin. Probably just not prone to D.

    HOPE_1207 replied to mrscora01's response:
    Thank you for responding to my post. I am glad that your pancreas is working well. I think it is wonderful that you were able to have a transplant.

    That could only be a dream for me.
    anon123567 responded:
    I've been on statins for years and I have always had trouble maintaining a fasting blood sugar level within range (I almost always wake up high)

    I once asked my CDE if the lipitor could be increasing my blood sugar, becasue on the nights I forget to take it my fasting sugar is good..and they said no. I plan on arming myself with this new information when I go. What's the lesser of 2 evils, lipitor protecting my heart, or higher blood sugar which in turn will lead to increased risk of heart disease.
    pbettes3000 replied to anon123567's response:
    I've had type1 for about 35 years.I began taking Crestor 2.5 to 3 years ago.This coincided with often inexplicable highs in the mornings.Now,looking back on my control before I began taking Crestor, morning highs occurred much less often then.
    I know with long term diabetes things change and it can become more difficult to manage highs and lows.But I'm rigorous in monitoring/injecting/meal logs ect. and I've been struggling for nearly three years to find solutions--without real success.It didn't make sense.
    I hadn't thought that Crestor might be a major contributor to the highs until a diabetic educator I'd sought out suggested it.
    Several studies suggest both Prevachol and Mevacor (low-intensity statins) demonstrated significantly lower risk for developing Type 2 when compared to Crestor,Lipitor & Zocor(high-intensity statins). Could there be implications for Type1's? I'll be talking with my doctor to see if switching to Prevachol might help with morning highs.

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