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Penile implant results
An_226166 posted:
I recently underwent a penile implant procedure, necessary to correct a steadily deteriorating case of Peyronie's Disease. Prior to the operation, I was advised that post-operative penis length would be somewhat shorter. My natural length is average at 6 inches. I know there is a standard procedure used when sizing the tubes to be inserted that is accurate 85% of the time according to the sources I researched. After surgery my length is only 4 inches which seems an excessive reduction. Also, the pump seems to have fused to the wall of my scrotum. Are these results normal? If not, is there anything I can do?
counterso responded:
I believe I remember this question from the Urology board prior to the WebMD conversion to Exchanges. Unfortunately each surgery is unique and clearly the results are unsatisfactory or at least troubling. When you discussed the pump's adhesions and the dramatic change in size with your urologist, what did he say?

Unfortunately there are not enough current readers here to have a body of experience where others might share their results.
smc214 replied to counterso's response:
Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, the surgeon is ignoring my concerns. What now?
counterso replied to smc214's response:
If the surgeon is ignoring your concerns, you can seek advice from a medical malpractice attorney and see if that sparks his attention. Or you can get a second opinion from another urologist.
oliver523 replied to counterso's response:
I went from 51/2" to 3" . I asked the Uro 4xs b4 surgery if there would be any loss in lenght and all he said was the head would be soft. Well the head isn't soft. I can even get a partial erection when highly excieded. I email one man who went from 61/2" to 21/2". And another that has a floppy head. I think there are a lot of people that whos implant fail but won't say anything about that. If you go to yahoo find groups then find penileimplant you can join an implant form. You can contract me at and I can go into more detail Oliver
smc34446 replied to oliver523's response:
This is to every one who under went penile implant surgery.
First of all i'm thinking about having it done.
Knowing what you know now, would you do still go through with it?
And everyone who goes through it do they have a reduction in size?
counterso replied to smc34446's response:
I'm not sure you will get a response, because the nature of this WebMD Exchange is one-and-done. People tend to come to ask or research a single question and do not become part of a community that hangs out, like some Exchanges that discuss chronic conditions.

There are MANY different kinds of implants, each with their own risks, benefits, and complications. The answer to your question is probably heavily dependent on your circumstances, and what type of implant you are considering.
keithlen responded:
I had the implant surgery in Jan 2013 and when the surgeon showed me how to inflate it, I had 2.5 inches and I was 8 inches before. He gave me several lame excuses as to why I lost so much but he had initially refused to look at a picture of my penis before the surgery and when I showed it to him after the surgery was completed, he appeared shocked. I am angry and frustated because 2.5 inches is nothing. I have pleaded with him but he says there is nothing I can do and I will get used to it. I am considering a law suit but not even sure if I can sue since it does function. I just do not know where to turn. Please help. Keith
counterso replied to keithlen's response:
As noted in your separate post, there is nothing to be done now. And yes, since the risks and complications of penile implant surgery are disclosed prior to surgery and you consent, that you have recovered and have function is probably all that was promised.
From a medical perspective, that you survived cancer is seen to greatly outweigh sexual function.

It does not seem medically possible that your erect length would change 300% shorter. Thickness would not stay the same because of how the implant is placed, but a change in over 5 inches of length is not credible. In that situation you do have a valid complaint, however what your options might be may never satisfy you. You will need to consult with a urologist and an attorney for advice on such options.
Wilsondavid replied to counterso's response:
I had surgery also in jan 11 2013. What a journey So far. I was around 7 . I would say so far since I just started pumping 3 weeks ago it is 4-1/2 maybe . They made me wait 8 weeks until I was aloud To pump. They had slight pump in beginning and It drove me crazy. I have had sex now 3 times. I have along way to go yet. It still is painfull. I Get still hard on when excited even without pumping. I have to ask dr why that still happens

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