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Bleeding from penis after intercourse
rms_420 posted:
Hi. My friend and I have been having amazing sex for 2 years now. But tonight after he ejaculated he had blood coming out of the head of his penis. I know he has high blood pressure and hasn't been taking his medication. Could having intense sex and having high blood pressure cause your penis to bleed? It's never happened to him before. He was of course freaked out. I really really hope it's not an STD. I've looked every where on web md to find a topic on penis bleeds and STD's but can't find anything that would suggest an STD or otherwise. Please Help!!!!!
rms_420 responded:
Oh also he is a 26 year old african american male. I don't know if that makes any difference.
counterso replied to rms_420's response:
Sorry no one has replied sooner. Blood outside the body is never a good sign, but it's not always an emergency. It can be especially scary when coming from a sensitive area like the penis, but as you guessed, uncontrolled HBP can make the possibility of burst capillaries more likely.

Unless the bleeding is profuse, it probably doesn't require an ER visit, however no matter how small, he should see a urologist to make sure nothing sinister is going on.

In the meantime, he should take a break from sexual activity to let the area heal for a week or two. Repeated or profuse bleeding is an urgent situation. There are many times when vigorous activity, even exercise or bike riding can cause this type of bleeding. The point is, he still needs to see a urologist to make sure it's a simple explanation and not anything more serious.

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