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White bumps on Penis Shaft
An_226186 posted:
26 year old white male circumcized, sexually active, straight...... over the past year I noticed these very tiny (pen head) white bumps on the left underside of the shaft of my penis, most noticeably when the skin is stretched or compressed....They look like mini pimples with whiteheads however you cannot squeeze them to get them to pop, but if I squeeze my nail tip on them I can get the white paste out but it is a little painful and difficult.....They do not itch or seem to be spreading.....mainly localized on the upper portion of my shaft left underneath within an inch diameter, with about 3 on the right side underneath and one single one 1mm on the underside of the tip. They are not in the foreskin area but just under it, and being toward the upper portion of the shaft are not close to pubic hair region. They became more noticable about 3 months ago but are now back to the mini size they were before.

any ideas what these tiny white heads are that dont pop and don't spread or itch but also don't seem to go away are?

any over the counter topical treatments?

Thank you
counterso responded:
These are probably normal. Some people just have them. They could be penile papules or they could be prominent sebaceous glands or Fordyce spots. Do not squeeze them or you will injure the skin and possibly cause infection. They are not a disease. And they are generally only a cosmetic concern. There is no recommended treatment because they're not a disease or abnormal.
cellypro replied to counterso's response:
I have those too. Is it possible to have some kind of medical procedure that removes them? like lasers or cream?
counterso replied to cellypro's response:
No, because they're not considered abnormal.

You can try a coal tar shampoo, which tends to unclog sebaceous glands.

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