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Hematoma in Vas Deferens problems?
chutto1 posted:
For the past couple of years, I have had a hematoma in my left Vas Deferens. It started out small, then it got bigger. I went to the doctor and he told me that the clot would probably pass but, it never seemed to. Now its grown to the size of a small gumball and im starting to have new issues. Might get a bit gross.

Dull pain in my lower abdomen and left testicle and it seems semen is discharging. I noticed it going to the bathroom at work when urine came out in three directions from my hole sticking together. Its clear with a tad bit of milky white. When I ejaculate, a large amount of watery semen comes out before I even orgasm.

At first I thought that I had Gonorrhea or Chlamydia but, Im very safe and the only partner I have is my wife. We have both been tested before. It does seem a bit like it kind of burns when I urinate. I don't however, have frequent urges or the feeling of constantly having to urinate.

I do not really have the money to spend on the doctor diagnosing different things. I just moved to a new city and have a new job. I cannot get health insurance until Oct. I am sure I will need surgery.

It's starting to scare me. Anyone have any thoughts? I don't want the thing to just explode at a bad time.
counterso responded:
It is unlikely to "explode" however it sounds like you may have an infection. This cannot be ignored. You MUST see a urologist, because an untreated infection will land you in the hospital in an emergency situation. It will be far more painful and costly to treat an emergency than to deal with the infection today. Even if you cannot afford to surgically correct the blood vessels today, get the infection taken care of now.

STOP having sexual contact with your wife until you treat this issue of infection. Do not bother with a GP, go straight to a urologist, tomorrow, no waiting for two weeks for an appointment.

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