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Changes in semen
Nieciedo posted:
I'm 30 years old, maintain an average diet, exercise regularly, and am in reasonably good physical health.

I'm concerned because within the past month or so I've noticed that my semen, which used to be milky white and thick, is now almost clear and watery.

I either masturbate or have sex about once a day. I have noticed that when I have "edged" for a while the quantity of ejaculate increases but the density decreases (there's a lot of fluid but it's thinner and more watery). Now, with a normal ejaculation the appearance is the same.

Any ideas what is causing this and what I can do about it?

Any help will be gratefully appreciated!

counterso responded:
Semen texture, color, consistency, volume, smell, etcetera can all change from day to day or week to week. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your semen and it doesn't indicate anything other than the mix of 3 fluids that make up your ejaculate are in a different ratio, and is no indication of fertility. Semen appearance is affected by at least a dozen different factors, all of them indirect and nearly impossible to control.

So, there's nothing to do, except to understand your body will continue to change all the time, and what your experience of sex is today is not likely to remain the same for the rest of your life. Volume, force, other physical characteristics, they'll all usually change over time and in many directions, most of them of absolutely no concern.

Edging is also likely to train your penis to respond to specific masturbation techniques and to prefer them over the sensations of intercourse the more you do it. You may not be pleased with that training when it comes to performance with your partner in the future.

If you are ejaculating daily, you will probably want to make sure you are replacing nutrients and minerals that go into semen production, especially zinc. It has nothing to do with color and texture though.
Nieciedo replied to counterso's response:
A belated thank you for your reply.

I am distressed that my semen has not returned to normal in the two months since I posted this concern.

On several occasions I've ejaculated into a cup to examine it more closely and what I am able to produce is entirely devoid of any of the milky white ingredients that should be there. It is clear, almost like mucus from a runny nose, and its been that way for months now.

The frequency of ejaculation seems to have no effect, neither does my diet. My doctor has ordered a blood test to look at testosterone levels and other hormones, but this has me severely depressed. He also suggested a semen analysis further down the road.

I know that it is the sperm that give the fluid its familiar white color, and the absence of that color indicates absence of sperm. I've suffered no injury or illness to my testicles that I am aware of. I have no swelling or lumps that would indicate a problem. I cannot find any explanation for why my semen is now consistently clear.

Has anyone else experienced this?
counterso replied to Nieciedo's response:
Actually you're quite wrong. Sperm have no color
whatsoever. They are not white.

And if your concern is fertility, then have a semen
analysis, but the color you experience is still
extremely normal and is no indication of ANY kind of
Nieciedo replied to counterso's response:
Thank you again for your answer.

I am, or at least have been until this condition began to undermine my condifence, a reasonably sexually active gay man. My friends are likewise reasonably sexually active gay men. If this were extremely normal, then I or they should have encountered other men experiencing this at least once. I have not, nor have any of my friends with whom I've shared my concerns.

This whole affair is extremely humiliating to me and has severely undermined my confidence, especially in my sexuality and masculinity. I do not want to have sex now, I don't even want to masturbate because I do not want to see this strange and unimpressive thin watery mess come out of me instead of the thick white fluid I am accustomed to.

I would even settle right now for just a reason or explanation why my reproductive system isn't functioning the way it should. Again, this may be extremely normal but it is not extremely normal for me. But I cannot find any reason or explanation.
counterso replied to Nieciedo's response:
Assuredly, there is nothing wrong, and just because you or your friends have no experience doesn't make something untrue. There are three separate fluids that come together to make semen, most commonly in a 60/30/10 ratio. Each has a different texture and consistency. There's no "formula" for how they "should" mix together, only that they do. So you get a wide variety of thin to thick to globby, from clear to white to yellow. From no pre-ejaculate to running like a leaky faucet. From barely a dribble when you ejaculate to a forceful torrent. All are normal. And there's absolutely nothing you can do to control the glands to change the recipe/ratio. And your semen characteristics can change weekly, never the same. So, there's not a single reason to be embarrassed. Sperm only makes up about 1% of the ejaculate, and is not visible with the naked eye.

Your lack of variety in experience is no reason to also lack confidence for something completely out of your control and entirely normal. Ask any urologist and he will tell you that there's nothing at all wrong.

There's no "should" in how it operates. The ONLY purpose of ejaculation is to reproduce. All non-reproductive forms of sex should just be enjoyed and not scrutinized.

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