male with a yeast infection, and blood in urine,
okwhy posted:
OK, so I am a male that has had UTI's at the drop of a hat, I recently had urethra surgery to replace a section that has collapsed. this has caused me to have a odd looking stomach due to having to push my urine out for years. since then I have continued to have the same infections, Now last week my GP gave me a script for Cipro,, I had a issue 2 days later with heavy blood in my urine, It started with a solid blood followed by urine. Drank allot of water and it went away ( the heavy blood flow ). My GP had gone on vacation, as did I, Long drive home 8 hrs, and it has started again today, there seems to be some blood clots coming out as well.

My GP gave ,me a new script for FLUCONAZOLE, this is used to treat a yeast infection is what I have...

Some history for you
I am 51 year old male, I have diabetes and take both pill and insulin.. LANTIS 140 mg 2 times per day. metformen 1000mg 2 times per day. border line cholesterol issues, taking meds for that. take blood pressure meds to make sure I do not get that...
counterso responded:
First of all, your GP has NO BUSINESS treating you for a urologic condition. Second, profuse blood in your urine is an EMERGENCY and you should have immediately called the hospital or your doctor's emergency number.

See a urologist immediately. You have a physical abnormality that leads to frequent urinary tract infections. Long-term antibiotics will probably ruin your immune system. Talk to your urologist about a long-term risk reduction plan like taking TheraCran twice a day, plus addressing other contributing factors that may be present (like yeast or other things).

It sounds like you must have a horrible diet, and that will be part of stabilizing your multiple concerns.