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Urine drop after peeing.
An_239783 posted:
I happen to have had a bit of scare tonight. i was caught in one of those situations where you need to poop and pee at the same time. So instead of change position i just push the head of my penis down and went as i normally would. But right after i finished and let go the pressure i saw a drop of blood. I didnt think much of it, till i read the internet and saw what blood in urine means. about 2 hours after i drank some more water went to pee this time though after i finished peeing i saw a little bit of blood come out. a small pain which went away like 3 mins after. any advise what it can be kinda freaked out.
counterso responded:
Blood is always scary, and a sign of a problem, but not always a serious problem. What you experienced is not uncommon, and in this case a wait-and-see attitude is probably all you need. There are a dozen reasons you might have a little bit of blood in your urine, and if you search through this forum you can probably find most of them.

The point is, good for you for paying attention. Now, unless the amount of blood increases, or continues to be present for more than a couple days, there's probably nothing to worry about. It will heal and go away on its own. It's not difficult to do yourself a small injury that bursts some capillaries or made a small tear in your urethra (strenuous exercise, bicycling, sitting on a hard object, masturbating too roughly, etcetera).

In the meantime, you will probably have some burning sensation after urinating for a couple days while it heals, as the urine flow races over the small irritated area. Probably best not to fiddle with it, and also don't be afraid to urinate. Just like biting your cheek by accident, you just have to let it heal.

If the blood becomes profuse, or it lasts more than a couple days, then something else is probably going on and you need to treat it like an emergency. Remember that an ER doc is not going to know what to do, so go straight to a urologist.

Men don't talk much about things that happen to their penises, so it's not very likely (outside of a forum like this) that you would know what's going on. You might erroneously think it was an STD or something else. Anyway, again, good to notice, but for now relax, and see how it goes in the next couple days before panicking and running to the doctor.
djtoxicdance replied to counterso's response:
yea it turns out now that time has passed it wasn't anything. I haven't seen any blood since it happened. also to be safe i did go to the doctor and he told me the same exact thing. so all checks out good thanks though.

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