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Tears on foreskin becoming extremely painful
Eric78DX posted:
I am a 33 year old male. 5'10 and 300lbs. I am uncircumcised and recently (a few months ago) had a few tears on my foreskin. I assumed this was from a vigorous and dry hand job from my wife. These tears went away on their own, but I noticed the skin was dry.

This past week the tears (2-3) came back and yesterday they seem to have tripled (8-10). I don't know if this is a fungal infection, a friction problem or what. I did have unprotected sex with my wife twice in the same day last week. She wasn't as wet as I would have preferred but haven't had an issue with that before. We used KY to assist with the lubrication. I don't have any previous history of infections, tight foreskin, tears or any other complications with the penis. Up until this year I have had a happy and fun sexual life.

I don't know if it's related but I have also started to get jock itch from sweating a lot at a new job. Being that the everything is in the same area, is it possible that the jock itch has spread to the penis/foreskin? Would a fungal infection cause this? Something else cause this?

I woke up this morning with an erection and it was painful. As if the area was stinging from being stretched and the tears being opened more. I poured some peroxide on my penis before a shower hoping that it would kill any bad bacteria. Sure it stung, but it was my first instinct for an open flesh wound/tear.

What treatments do you recommend?
counterso responded:
You probably have a severe yeast infection causing the skin to be fragile and tear under any pressure. Use the same treatment as your partner (who should be treated at the same time), and if it has not resolved within a week, you need to seek urgent attention from a urologist. You may decide to start there, but if that's not an option, start with the treatment of the likely yeast infection (for both of you).

No sexual contact or activity of course until it has been resolved.
An_251320 responded:
I am having this problem, please let me know how you treated the infection & how long did it take to cure. thank you
counterso replied to An_251320's response:
The treatment for a yeast infection is typically the same. Read the instructions on the over-the-counter package of ointment for use instructions and continue to use as directed. Be sure that both you and your partner are both treated at the same time. If you have questions about the treatment length after reading the package, speak to the pharmacist or a dermatologist. If the condition isn't resolve within the time specified on the package, seek prompt attention from your doctor or dermatologist for a different prescription.
Eric78DX replied to An_251320's response:
I did not have a yeast infection. Though I did have to see a few doctors to figure this condition out and the last one was an actual skin doctor. He diagnosed it as Lichen Planus and prescribed a topical cream.

The tears started to heal and I was all healed up within a few weeks.
counterso replied to Eric78DX's response:
So fungus, instead of yeast. Still a skin infection. Glad you saw a dermatologist as I recommended.

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