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pubic hair growth or infection?? please help!
An_240664 posted:
Hi all, im new around here and dont know too much about the place but its the only place i can go to find help. i have noticed over the last few weeks a growth on my pubic hair, im not sure what it is but it stinks and its a white film on my pubic hair. it doesnt wash off or anything like that. what i have been doing is shaving so its not there but sure as heck once the hair comes back so does the growth. its not lice or crabs. i dont have sores or anything and my genitals dont itch (all the time) lol i just dont know what to do! there is no pain or swelling or anything so i dont know what it could be. any and all info will be greatly appreciated! thanks
counterso responded:
This is most likely the natural wax your body produces to coat the hair to reduce friction on your genitals (the purpose of hair in the first place). By thwarting the natural purpose in shaving, you may notice the wax produced is far more noticeable as there is no hair for it to spread out upon. As a warm, moist place for bacteria to grow, you will grow bacteria, especially when you have a concentration of secretions that are not fulfilling their intended purpose.

While you can bathe regularly, and perhaps with a coal tar based shampoo to prevent the clogging of pores from this wax, it seems that your body doesn't appreciate the shaving, and you may consider trimming instead of shaving. It is closer to the natural way things are supposed to be, prevents most skin issues related to shaving, won't itch, and will give the wax a chance to spread out and be less of a problem.

There's nothing wrong with a little "manscaping" or forestry, but complete shaving is frequently problematic for many who attempt it.

This is not a urology question by the way, it's a dermatology question.

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