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Should I be worried about this pain after my cystoscopy ?
An_240697 posted:
I had a cystoscopy done on October 3 because I was having pain in my penis. The procedure put me in intense pain to the point that my doctor had to prescribe Vicoden for me and I was also on Cipro for a week. The procedure was intensely painful and for days after, I could barely walk and even putting underwear and pants on was almost impossible. It was as if my urethra was done over with sand paper. The intense urethra pain kind of died off by the 8th (as did the burning while urinating from the procedure). What cropped up after that and what's been with me ever since is almost as troubling to me. I now have a very sore ache directly above my penis and below my belt. I also feel like I have to urinate non-stop even when I don't have to go. I can urinate all I want and then within a few minutes, even though the bladder is empty, I have that feeling like I have to go again. It doesn't stop and it wasn't like this when I was having the urethra pain. I'm having trouble sleeping at night because of it. It's a horrible feeling. Today, the 13th, I went to my urologist. My bladder checked out fine and is emptying fine. What worries me is that he and everyone in his office have never heard of anyone going through all this pain and problems after a cystoscopy. He didn't seem concerned at all about my problem. My question is: Is this problem I'm having now in any way normal over a week after a cystoscopy ? It's very uncomfortable and I really need this feeling to go away somehow. I can barely sleep at night.
Help !
counterso responded:
Clearly they used a too large catheter for you or were not sufficiently careful when inserting. Yes, you can expect intense pain as a result. What to do about it is an entirely different story. It's likely to take 2-3 weeks before the damage heals and you stop feeling pain. Unfortunately you can't stop urinating for 3 weeks, so you may aggravate the area each time you urinate, causing you more pain.
Black109 replied to counterso's response:
Thank you very much, It would have been nice if my doctor told me that. Question. Is there anything I can do to help me bear these symptoms or am I stuck just gritting my teeth and bearing it ?
Black109 replied to Black109's response:
Should I drink less liquid to lessen the amount I urinate ? Should I be taking Advil or something else ?
counterso replied to Black109's response:
Your doctor (or nurse) isn't going to admit they could have done something more carefully. No, aside from the pain relievers your doctor has recommended, it's just one of those things. You should most definitely NOT reduce your fluids in hopes you'll urinate less frequently.

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