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Low testosterone at 25
NY1986 posted:
I recently had a blood test done at my MD and was called with the results and was told I have a low testosterone level. I wasnt told how low. The nurse told me to make an appointment and I did so I will find out more next week. I'm 25 and was wondering what are the possible causes of low testosterone in someone my age? This way i have an idea of whats going on and what to expect when I go to my MD.
counterso responded:
First of all, the test is probably wrong, because blood tests for hormones are 1/3 as accurate as saliva tests for hormones. Please get the proper test (and a smarter doctor) before making assumptions or seeking treatment.

The "normal" range for hormone levels is a RANGE, not an absolute number, and in addition to a measurement (which often changes based on the time of day measured), the doctor should be considering whether you have any symptoms that might be indicating an hormone imbalance. While your number might be on the low end of the range, if you have no related symptoms, it may be a completely "normal" level for you.

This is not yet a urology issue.
NY1986 replied to counterso's response:
My doctor said that while my testosterone level is in range he feels it's low at 276 (range 241-800) for a 25yr old. The only symptom I have is fatigue. I asked him about the saliva test and he wasn't sure about it or how it would be different. I'm getting another blood test done before I make a decision on what to do. I'm also thinking of seeing an endocrinologist or urologist for opinions. What else can be done to increase testosterone levels?
counterso replied to NY1986's response:
Blood test only measures one parameter of testosterone. Saliva test measures three parameters, therein is 3x as accurate. If your doc doesn't know the difference, get a different doc, yours is way out of date.

If you're overweight, that is one thing that will increase estrogen (lower testosterone). Fatigue can come from a zillion reasons, so without a medical history it's impossible to assess your situation.

I would try to avoid the endocrinologist or urologist, and simply work on being healthy and well-rested.

This is becoming less and less of a urology issue and not as useful to find answers on this Exchange.
NY1986 replied to counterso's response:
What exchange would be more useful?

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