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Blood in seman...I am 35 years old
djivan2006 posted:
Hello all,

I am a 35 year old male...who is very worried! A little more than a week ago, I went to the doctor complaining of this pressure feeling in my lower pelvic area (almost like when you hold your pee too long)... He did a urine test and did not notice any blood in my urine... He also did an STD check with blood work... (Safe to say came back negative)

I went home that afternoon after the doc and I masterbated... Upon ejaculation, I noticed my seman was tainted pink...with streaks of blood... FREAKED ME OUT! I went to ER...The doctor that saw me told me that he called urology and was told due to my age that it's common... They gave me anti-botics and sent me home...

I did a follow up with my doc the next day...I explained to him what happened... He again told me that usually things like this go away as sudden as they appeared.. But he said I'll do a prostate test... He checked my penis and testies and told me that he did not feel any masses or lumps.. Then he did a prostate exam and told me that my prostate feels normal... He asked if it hurt when he was touching it and I told him it did not....

He told me to continue taking my anti-biotics.

I let a couple days pass and I masterbated again in the shower... I noticed the blood again...this time bright red but not mixed was in all the seman fluid... No clots just blood...It did not hurt or felt any different when I ejaculated either...

I went back to urgent care.... The doc did a urine test and told me that there was a "trace" of blood, but that it could be from the ejaculation earlier...

Again he reassured me that due to my age it's usually not serious... He called urology and again was told that it's like a nose bleed... He said it could be inflammation or a little vessel that busted... I asked him about cancer, tumors, and etc and he told me that though this is alarming its 98 percent always benigne... He did a CBC and PSA test and just got the results and ALL is normal..

Should I worry?
counterso responded:
It's surprising that your urologist is not more worried. It's not common to see RED blood in semen, but sometimes you'll see some brown spots from a small capillary burst that's healed and what you're seeing is the old blood.

You're quite right to seek emergency help when you see red blood. It's a literal red flag that something is wrong.

And although you have had many tests, no one has taken the time to figure out what's causing the bleeding, at least not that you've told us. So, do you exercise heavily, lift weights, ride a bicycle, or do some other kind of strenuous work?

Have you recently been exceptionally fatigued. If you look at your tongue, are the edges scalloped?

Blood is scary. It's meant to be. It's not supposed to come out of your body. It may not be anything dangerous, but I'm appalled at your urologist's seemingly casual response to your fright.

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