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Testicular pain
An_241225 posted:
I am 20 years old.[br>I've had a pain in my right testicle along with a slight swelling about a month ago. The doc said it might be due to stress. Ever since that, there has been a constant pain all along the lower right half of my body. Though the selling has gone, the pain is still there. [br>I don't do weights nor am i much into sports. [br>Can cancer be ruled out?
counterso responded:
That doctor sounds like a nincompoop. Pain in the scrotum is considered an emergency situation, especially if it lasts more than a day. Constant pain is of an even greater concern and that it has persisted for a month is shocking that you have not been back to the doctor to resolve and explain the issue. Clearly the first doctor is not the right one to see. A general practitioner knows about as much about your genitals as you know about the details of carrot farming.

In the case of your genitals, you should start with a specialist, a urologist. And now that your swelling has disappeared but the pain persisted, it's critical you see a more qualified physician right away. Your body has been telling you for at least a month that something is seriously wrong, and you've done almost nothing about it.

Why everyone thinks of cancer first I have no idea. Testicular cancer is not painful, and is usually detected by manual inspection finding a hard knot or lump on the surface of one of your testes. You can do a TSE (testicular self-examination) to check yourself. Instructions can be found online. Besides the improbability of your cancer suggestion, you may simply have an infection, such as epididymitis, or you could have a hernia, or you could have an impinged nerve. It could be a lot of things, but just enduring the pain and hoping it resolves itself is foolish.

Go see a different doctor today and get a real answer.
Anon_158017 replied to counterso's response:
Serisouly, testicular pain is no laughing matter and much less if it has gone one for over a month. I once had pain just like what you are describing and i went to the urologist who gave me antibiotics for epydidimitis even though i didnt have other symptoms related to chlamydia o other STDS. the pain didnt stop after the antibiotics and i ended up in the emergency room for sever back, scrotum and leg pain, especially on the right side of my body. Turned out i had a compacted L1.

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