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Infected realization
healthdude4 posted:
If you've read my post "infection or not" this is an addition to that.
*I didn't want to reply to myself*

I previously mentioned that I had tonsilitis a few months ago and my tonsils were removed. Now that my memory is clear it's obvious. While I was taking the antibiotic, both in weeks before removal and afterwards, I noticed some strange happenings. For instance, one morning I woke up with what appeared to be a bruise just under my rib cage and had trouble breathing. There was a persistant pain in that area when I took a breath. This lasted for a few days.

Also I remember having trouble peeing, almost a numbing effect. At one point I simply lost all sensation and couldn't pee for hours even when I tried to go. I didn't say anything at my follow up with the ent because it stopped (probably since I stopped the meds).

It could just be a mild case (I assume) since I don't have a rash or scabbing. However, I do recall a number of occasions where my skin peeled down there. That seems odd now because I don't sunbathe in the nude. I know you peel naturally to get rid of dead skin but doesn't that usually happen at a microscopic level?...Is peeling part of your body's defense against infections?

I've been reading up online about yeast infections but I'm not sure if any of it is trustworthy. From: ( They claim that guys could experience digestive problems, bad breath, mood swings, fatigue, memory loss, prostate issues, etc. Having cravings for certain foods that can support yeast, like chips or sweets. There's also a "home test" where they tell you to spit in a cup of water...Is any of this true?
counterso responded:
Home remedies are not useful nor productive pursuits when the solution is clear and definitive (buy some Vagisil or Monostat and try it for a week).

Correct in being suspect of information you read online (including in WebMD forums). The internet is not a substitute for a doctor.

The symptoms you list are symptoms of hormone imbalances and of deficient immune system strength. Both of those can contribute to the likelihood of a yeast infection taking hold, but none are direct symptoms used to diagnose such. The saliva test would be to test for yeast infection in your mouth (I think it's called Thrush).

Stop diddling about trying to analyze it. In the time it has taken to discuss and ponder, you could have solved the problem with some OTC cream (or not), and known for sure, plus been done with the issue entirely.
FCL responded:
A yeast infection is pretty banal. You can buy the treatment OTC. Why don't you just buy it and treat yourself? It's an efficient treatment and is even used for children - it's not as if it will hurt you ...

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