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djivan2006 posted:
I'm a 35 year old male, been healthy all my life...No cancer or major illness in family..

For the past month, I've been experiencing.. hematospermia, more noticeable urination sensations...and this dull pressure feeling in pelvic area...(does not hurt, just a discomfort)

I've been to numerous doctors and even a urologist, ER, urgent care, I've have numerous urine samples, PSA test, CBC test, prostate check... The docs checked for lymph nodes... ALL COMES OUT NORMAL.. No blood in urine...

They have given me antibiotics also... The doctors tell me that I do not have cancer and that it's probably some inflammation and bacteria that's going to go away... One instance, I went to ER cause when I popped and pushed, I saw small jelly like particals in the toilet bowl...and looked like seminal fluid came out also... Doctor said that they see that alot in patients...

My head goes through reassurance due to the numerous doctors that tell me the same thing...But this is really depressing me, and when in does I get so much doubt about my health...

I'm scared to masterbate or have sex with my partner cause of the blood in the seman... The urologist says to continue practicing safe sex cause it will release pressure... I'm just so scared...This is really messing with me phycologically...

The urologist said that he has been doing this for 30 years and reassured me that it will all pass in time...

I guess I'm writing here to ease my mind from my anxiety on this...and to see if anybody has gone or heard of things like this...

I went from masterbating and having sex regularly to almost nothing within the month...

counterso responded:
If you're not going to listen to an actual expert (urologist), then you aren't going to benefit from layperson advice on WebMD.

Do as your doctor tells you. While blood is scary, they have checked for anything sinister and not found such. So the answer is that it does happen, not always for "bad" reasons, but explainable ones.

Drink more water to help resolve the symptom of clumping semen, which can indicate chronic dehydration. This means WATER, not other drinks like soda, coffee, etc. As long as the clumps are not painful, they're not considered problematic.

There are hundreds of tiny capillaries in your reproductive system, and while it's unpleasant to think some have burst, there are any number of things that can cause this. Vigorous exercise, riding a bicycle, waiting too long to go to the bathroom, sitting on your foot, and many other possible reasons.

Weak capillary walls are a symptom of fatigue. Look in the mirror and stick out your tongue. If you see scalloped edges on your tongue, you'll know I'm correct. And if you see those scalloped edges, confirm it here in this forum and I'll tell you more about how to resolve.

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