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Can constipation cause penis pain ?
Black109 posted:
I've had a problem that won't go away for the past 7 months. I am suffering from incredible sharp pain that won't go away in my urethra. It feels as if a needle is sticking in it. I've also been getting pain just above my pelvic bone, especially after urinating. I've been going to a urologist and so far nothing we tried has worked. We've done anti-fungal stuff, antibiotics, A cystoscopy, a CT scan, a prostate exam. Everything seems to be coming out normal. We're going under the assumption that it may be some kind of prostate infection but from what I read about them, they also cause trouble urinating as well and I have no problem with that. I also have been suffering from constipation a lot more than usual. Could the constipation be causing my urethra pain ? I have a feeling that there may be a link because I took a stool softener and within about 12 hours, my urethra pain shot up a thousand fold for some reason. I'm beginning to think that when I have a bowel movement that it's somehow massively irritating or damaging my urethra and or prostate. Is this a possibility ? I've looked all over and have not noticed any kind of link listed. I cannot live with this pain forever ! I need it to stop ! It's excruciating and it's gone on long enough !
Black109 responded:
Add to the above, pain behind my testicles as well. It feels like I've been kicked in the groin.
rsunny responded:
Hi Black109,

I am going through almost similar kind of experience. Can I please ask you that how did you get rid of the problem? I really appreciate your reply.. Thanks!!
counterso replied to rsunny's response:
What you are describing is commonly known as Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome or CPPS. Sometimes this condition is referred to as non-bacterial prostatitis. That does not mean that the source of the problem is in your prostate, only that it is commonly where the pain seems to reside.

You need to understand a little bit about the nervous system in that area of your body. The nerve endings are so dense around your reproductive system that you can often feel a pain signal nowhere near where the source of the irritation is. So, as you were guessing, a nerve irritation in your bowels could register as a sharp pain at the tip of your penis.

Sometimes the penis tip registers for many things because it's at the distal end of the nerves and your brain has an easier time assigning things to an endpoint rather than something located along the path.

A stool softener should not trigger pain related to constipation, rather it should do the opposite, relieve it because your bowels move.

Treating CPPS is complicated and you must also understand that it's a SYNDROME, which means a collection of symptoms and not a disease. This means there is no one path to a solution, and it also means that not every person has the same collection of symptoms. It's only a percentage of the reported symptoms that add up to the syndrome label.

I don't have a solution for you today. There's a new product coming soon called Prostate PQ which could potentially benefit people who report the kinds of issues that are bothering you. I don't know what your cause of irritation is, but I encourage you to continue working with your urologist a couple times a month until you have found a solution that works for you.

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