My son is only eleven years old, and has not reached ...
An_241355 posted:
puberty but yet he has a very foul odor coming from his genital area. He takes daily baths and uses deodorant and of course always wear clean underwear and clothes. At the end of the day he smells really foul, and I am very concerned. He claims he has no pain on his groin and his urine appears normal. I know about "normal" sweat in a person, but my son who always practices sanitary habits has developed this foul odor as of two years ago. Any parent that has experience same situation and or doctor that can enlightened me in regards to this situation please advise....thank you!!!
counterso responded:
It sounds like he might have a persistent yeast infection. Treat it the same way you would yourself. It's certainly easy to find out whether this solves the issue or not.

Now if the smell is more goat-ish than what a yeast infection smells like, it could simply be his diet. If you can eliminate all caffeine, refined sugar, and red meat for a week, you would notice a significant difference in the way he smells.