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red blotchy area on penis
aspenrs posted:
I've recently finished a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection and a few days later I noticed a blotchy red spot on my penis. It wasn't a blister or anything and wasn't painful. The next day it seemed to spread and spread and then it began to show up some right below the head. I've never ever had any problems with my penis before and I haven't had sex in the past few months so I'm ruling out std's. Could this be a penile yeast infection? The reason I'm thinking this is because I've also developed painful cracks on either side of my mouth which sounds like thrush, which is also caused by a yeast infection.
Anon_158017 responded:
Could be that the antibiotic has caused dry skin. Also, sometimes antibiotics kill of probiotics and allow for infections, i would get it checked out regardless even though you havent had sex in a couple months, sometimes but not usually there is a lagtime with some STDS.
counterso responded:
You should immediately report this to the doctor who prescribed your antibiotic. ALL possible side effects must be promptly reported to your doctor's office because they could indicate a serious problem. While it is true that dry skin can result from antibiotic use, this sounds more serious. Take care of it today, pick up that phone.

On a side note, anytime you take an antibiotic, you should follow it with a month of probiotics to restore your intestinal flora that provide the majority of your immune system strength.

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